Automation will wipe out "knowledge jobs" before most blue-collar jobs: CEO of the Future Today Institute

Automation will wipe out “knowledge jobs” before most blue-collar jobs: CEO of the Future Today Institute

Contrary to popular belief, highly skilled professions may be more susceptible to being replaced with artificial intelligence, according to Amy Webb, CEO of the Future Today Institute.

“We did a short study trying to assess which jobs were most at risk, but also which ones they could earn,” Webb told Yahoo Finance Live. “I really think the business community has been doing this wrong for the past 10 years or so. You know, it’s not the blue collar jobs that will disappear first. They are not truck drivers, they are not plumbers, and this is because there is too much variability. “

Plumbers, Danny Everts and Trevor Wyscaver, install a gray water system that will capture shower water and reuse it to flush toilets, thereby reducing household water consumption by 25% in Castle Rock, Colorado, December 15, 2021 Photo taken Dec 15, 2021 REUTERS / Kevin Mohatt

Plumbing is one of the types of jobs that are least likely to be significantly replaced by automation in the near future, Webb said.

“We have too many different types of toilets,” he explained. “So there is not yet a finely tuned, finely articulated robot that will work on its own. It is the works of knowledge that will discover to be obviated or reduced to a certain capacity “.

Some of the occupations AI is expected to have the greatest impact on include office workers, legal assistants, customer support, software developers, advertising, and even journalism.

You can rest assured that this story was written by a real person and not advanced AI, but forecasters generally expect to see a significantly greater contribution from AI within journalism within the next decade. Artificial intelligence is primarily used to reduce variable costs and help with information gathering, particularly in large news organizations, according to The Knight Foundation, a nonprofit journalism and arts organization.

Other roles that require high levels of education and training, such as attorneys and other legal professionals, may also be exposed to automation as computer learning becomes more advanced.

“This actually has profound implications for law firms, professional services agencies and many consulting groups, which are built using a more pyramid model,” Webb said. “We now automate some of our searches and use artificial intelligence to perform some of them. So, once again, I think if you can perceive again [automation]this will help you better understand what’s going on and help you make bigger bets, better bets on the future. “

Automation won’t necessarily replace workers, even if it eliminates jobs, the Future Today Institute’s 2022 Emerging Tech AI report noted. Some processes can be automated to allow employees to work on other human-oriented activities and save time.

“RPA can automate certain activities and processes within offices and allow employees to spend time on higher-value jobs,” the report found. “It is the most commonly used artificial intelligence technique among companies.”

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