Veritas chases hyper-automation with NetBackup 10 - Blocks and Files

Veritas chases hyper-automation with NetBackup 10 – Blocks and Files

Veritas launched v10.0 of its NetBackup data protection product along with a self-management data management strategy.

It says Veritas is planning a future where its technology can provide, optimize, and repair data management services on its own, with user self-service data protection and recovery. This will be based on so-called CloudScale technology, which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and hyper-automation – Veritas term – for self-provisioning, self-optimization and self-healing in multi-cloud environments on web scale.

CEO Greg Hughes released a statement: “Hackers are increasing the impact of their ransomware attacks by targeting cloud data and services. Veritas is outlining its strategy on how we solve this challenge for our customers, starting with the tools. available today, which will help reduce cloud footprint and costs, protect data from ransomware, and pave the way for self-management of data. “

We are told that Cloud Scale technology enables a containerized, programmable and AI-powered microservices architecture that provides standalone unified data management services on any cloud.

Coming one year after v9.0, NetBackup v10 features:

  • Enhanced multi-cloud storage and orchestrated tiering capabilities, including full support for Amazon Web Services and extended support for Microsoft Azure, to reduce the cost of backup storage by up to 95% (no comparison basis provided). NetBackup 10 supports all major Kubernetes distributions and provides cross-platform multi-cloud recovery.
  • Users can retrieve the data they want on any Kubernetes distribution. It also features new automated detection and protection for multiple Platform-as-a-Service workloads, including Apache Cassandra, Kubernetes and Microsoft Azure Managed SQL and Azure SQL deployments.
  • Its deduplication capabilities have been updated (no details) and it uses elastic multi-cloud computing services to reduce costs.
  • V10 provides automatic malware scanning during backups and before restores to ensure infection-free data recovery. AI-based anomaly detection can automatically start scanning for malware.
  • NetBackup SaaS Protection is now integrated with NetBackup 10 to provide a single view of a customer’s data protection assets for governance and compliance purposes.
  • V10 includes a new integrated free basic version of NetBackup IT Analytics, formerly known as Veritas APTARE, to provide AI-based analytics and reporting.
  • V10 supports Azure and S3 Blob Object Storage.

A Conquer Every Cloud microsite contains more information.

Veritas’ strategy is to respond to the growing use by customers of multiple applications in multiple cloud environments and multiple cloud native applications and SaaS apps by extending NetBackup’s data protection services to these environments and thus providing a single capability to full backup. It will be easier to manage because it will have a certain degree of autonomy, with AI-activated malware scanning, a view of the protection of the entire IT structure, and auto-scaling and repair capabilities.

Veritas, a private equity firm, must demonstrate that it can sustain and grow against the competition of Commvault, Veeam, Cohesity, Druva, HYCU and Rubrik. V10 is supposed to help keep its existing customers and even acquire new ones, but it won’t allow Veritas to hurt its competitors much. The main name of the game is prevention, don’t invade and conquer.

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