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Interfacom (Flexitron Group), Standard Meter Mfg. – SMU Daily Mustang

The research entitled World market of electronic taximeters by player, region, type, application and sales channel, forecast 2022-2030 provides a holistic assessment of the electronic taximeter industry. It provides readers with a comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape, key segments, challenges, drivers and latest trends that are playing a crucial role in the market. The competitive landscape of this market provides details by competitor. Various details included are R&D investments, company profiles, global presence, company financials, manufacturing capabilities, market potential, company strengths, manufacturing sites, and new market initiatives. It also sheds light on application dominance, product breadth, company weaknesses, and new product launches.

Major competitors include:
  • Interfacom (Flexitron group)
  • Standard Mfg meter.
  • Pricol Limited
  • Electronic HALE
  • ATA electronics
  • National Counter Mfg.
  • Automotive Cygnus
  • Record taximeter
  • Structure
  • Sansui Electronics
  • Superb meter
  • Joong Ang San Jun
  • Digitax
  • Schmidt electronic laboratories
  • Yazaki group
  • Super meter
  • Centrodina
  • Pulsar Technologies
  • Smart technological system
  • Beijing Jul
  • Nanjing Toyo
  • Shanghai Dazhong
  • Qingdao Hengxing
  • Shanghai Liangbiao

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We have segmented the global electronic taximeter market by application, region, product type, end user and method. The geographic assessment section in the market research report provides the individual impact factors and transformation into norms that influence future and current market trends nationwide. Multiple data points are used to estimate market scenarios for individual countries, such as value chain analysis, import-export analysis, entry strategies and key trends. The report examines the availability and presence of various global brands and the challenges they face due to low or large competition from national and international players. It also highlights the impact of domestic fares and trade routes.

Electronic taximeter market by product types:
Electronic taximeter market by application types:
Electronic taximeter market by sales channel:
  • Direct channel
  • Distribution channel
Market segment by region / country including:
  • North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Spain etc.)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia and Southeast Asia etc.)
  • South America (Brazil, Argentina and Colombia etc.)
  • Middle East and Africa (South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia etc.)
Sources of data and methodologies

Our research report involves the exhaustive use of both primary and secondary research methodologies. The process includes studying different factors affecting the market to detect key player strategies, market dynamics, competition landscape, companies and types of segmentation. The secondary search process involves the use of databases, such as D&B Hoovers, Factiva, Businessweek and Bloomberg. It also includes directories, secondary sources, SEC filings of companies, investor presentations, corporate documents, annual reports and white papers. We have collected useful information for commercial, market-oriented, technical and in-depth market studies. Primary sources on the demand side include staff from research institutes, doctors, sales and purchasing managers, and industry experts.

Read the detailed scope of the report on:

  1. Electronic taximeter market overview (market definition, market size status, market size comparison by region, type, applications and sales channel, COVID-19 impact analysis)
  2. Market segment analysis by player (sales and market share by player, revenue and market share by player, average price per player, player competition situation and trends)
  3. Market segment analysis by type (sales and market share by type, revenue and market share by type, average price by type, major players of electronic taximeter by type in 2021)
  4. Market segment analysis by application (revenues and market share by application, main consumers of electronic taximeter by application in 2021)
  5. Market segment analysis by sales channel (revenues and market share by sales channel, leading distributors / resellers of electronic taximeter by sales channel in 2021)
  6. Electronic taximeter market segment analysis by region (market size and CAGR by region, sales and market share by region, revenue and market share by region, and detailed analysis by region)
  7. Profile of the main players (company performance (company snapshot, product / service offered, company performance (sales, price, revenues, gross margin and market share))
  8. Analysis upstream and downstream of the electronic taximeter (industrial chain of the electronic taximeter, upstream and downstream of the electronic taximeter)
  9. Electronic taximeter development trend (2022-2030) (market size and CAGR forecasts by type, region and 2022-2030 sales and revenue forecasts)
  10. Appendix (Research Methodology, Data Sources, Analyst Certification)

Please see the detailed table of contents at:

Key insights from the study of the electronic taximeter
  • Market development: It provides insights into profitable emerging markets and analyzes penetration into mature market segments
  • Market penetration: Provides comprehensive market information offered by major players
  • Market diversification: Provides insights into new product launches, untapped geographies, recent developments and investments
  • Product development and innovation: It provides intelligent insights into future technologies, research and development activities, and revolutionary product developments
  • Competitive assessment and intelligence: Provides a comprehensive assessment of market shares, strategies, products, certifications, regulatory approvals, patent landscape and manufacturing capabilities of key players
Report customization:

This report can be customized to meet customer requirements. Contact our sales team (, who will make sure you receive a report that fits your needs. You can also reach out to our executives at +1 (210) 807 3402 to share your research requirements.

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