Automate Your Morning Routine - How Your Phone Can Help You Get Up!

Automate Your Morning Routine – How Your Phone Can Help You Get Up!

Did you know that your smartphone can sweeten your morning if you want to? Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri can all be set up to help you get up in the morning. If you wish, they can inform you about the weather, read the latest news, or even make a coffee with a trick.

Even though I still use the iPhone 13 mini, I have been an Android user for many years before. I liked using the “Ok Google, good morning” voice command. This triggered a series of actions, including information on my upcoming appointments, the latest news, and the current weather.

But this feature is just the tip of the morning routine automation iceberg. This is because all modern voice assistants allow you to set your actions for a morning voice command. Functions behave slightly differently, but essentially do exactly the same thing.

Automate your morning routine on iPhone

On iOS, you will need the Shortcuts app, which is already pre-installed on your iPhone. You also need to have Siri enabled on your phone. In the app you can create a new shortcut using the plus symbol in the upper right corner and name it according to your preferences. Now add certain actions to this shortcut, for inspiration some possibilities:

  • Get events from the calendar.
  • Get weather forecast.
  • Get travel time to go to work.
  • Open the “Actions” app.
  • Get a health report.
  • Play music on Spotify.

The possibilities at Apple are truly diverse. Especially if you’ve expanded your smart home a bit. For example, if you use a smart plug on your coffee machine, you can switch it on directly in the morning. If you have already made the coffee maker and it works via a switch, the device will start making coffee for you first thing in the morning.

Apple’s shortcuts app is frighteningly complete / © NextPit

You can activate this routine via voice command or assign a time to start. Again, iOS is extremely comprehensive – you can even automate certain actions when your iPhone detects a doorbell.

Automate your morning routine on Google

On your Android phone, the counterpart to Apple’s shortcut commands is called a “routine”. You will find it in the Google Home app and the principle is very similar. First, go to Google Home appthen switch to routine and select the one you want to change. Here you can set “Hey Google, Good Morning” as the initiator and then set the following actions:

  • Turn off silent mode on your phone.
  • Turn on the lights.
  • Operate the thermostats in your smart home.
  • Read information about the weather, route to work, reminders and calendar.
  • Play.
  • Start a radio station.
Google Home app showing assistant routines

Here you can find the automation tool for Android / © NextPit

Of course, these features are really exciting if you use a smart home speaker as an alarm clock, or at least use it in your bedroom. That way, you don’t have to rely on your mobile in the morning.

Automate your morning routine with Alexa

With Amazon’s Alexa, the feature you’re looking for is called “Routine” and can be found in the Alexa app for iOS or Android. Although you set up voice commands in the app on your phone, the routines are available on any Echo speaker in your home. Here you will find a recommended sequence called “Alexa, start my day”. However, you can also use more options here with your setup:

  • Use Alexa as a gentle alarm clock.
  • Announce the traffic situation on your way to work.
  • Read the news.
  • Announce the current weather.
  • Turn on the smart home lights.
  • Open the smart curtains.
  • Send messages to other Echo speakers.
  • Turn on the sockets to make coffee.
Screenshots showing how to use Alexa routines

Alexa also has a large variety of routines on hand / © NextPit

Alexa’s routines are set up quickly, and you can benefit from the very large ecosystem of Alexa smart home devices here. With a smart weather station, you can even get the current wind speed or temperature right on your property.


If you’re not yet using your smart home setup to automate your morning routine, you’re really missing out! Because automated or with a voice command, you can activate a series of useful actions thanks to routines, short commands or sequences. As your brain and body wake up, your smart home takes care of your basic needs or tells you important information for your day.

What does your morning routine look like? Do you use the automation functions in your smart home or were you new to the functions? Are you interested in other home automation tutorials? Let us know in the comments!


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