Police: convicted criminal held resident under gun, stole weapons and electronics |  News

Police: convicted criminal held resident under gun, stole weapons and electronics | News

MILTON – A convicted criminal allegedly broke into a house in Point Township, held the homeowner at gunpoint, and took firearms and electronics, according to Point Township police.

According to police, Nicholas Robert Ranck, 23, of Old Danville Highway, Northumberland, later forced the homeowner to reformat his video surveillance hard drive to erase the crash files.

Ranck was charged in two separate complaints of the following: 12 offenses consisting of one count each of robbery, burglary, stolen goods, trespassing, illegal concealment of a firearm, possession of a firearm with number factory altered, three counts of illegal possession of a firearm and three counts of theft for illicit abduction; and eight offenses consisting of one count each of simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, tampering with evidence, illegal possession of amphetamines, illegal possession of drug accessories, illegal possession of marijuana, and two counts of stolen goods.

The allegations were filed by Point Township police officers Kevin Herring, Alexander Larka and Kevin Rushton in District Judge Michael Diehl’s Milton office.

A search warrant was issued for Ranck’s home by Point Township Police on March 7 after Ranck aimed a Winchester .308 rifle at Zachary Leiby in Lithia Springs, Point Township. Police found Ranck at his mother’s residence along the Old Danville Highway hiding behind a water heater in the basement. He was arrested without incident.

Police seized a .380 caliber revolver and cartridges, a 12 caliber rifle with scratched serial number, bullets and magazines, a .380 caliber revolver, a long glass smoking device, a plastic ammunition can with various items in between. including drugs and accessories, various items of drug paraphernalia and a long-stemmed smoking device. A wallet belonging to Ranck was also found with his ID and cards, police said.

The rifle and revolver were taken because Ranck is not allowed to own a firearm. He had previously been convicted of a burglary when he was a minor in 2015 and also had an active arrest warrant, police said.

Spring House Road resident Jack Geise came to the township police department on March 10 to report the theft of two firearms and a starter pistol. He said he read a search warrant that listed his firearms seized from Ranck’s home.

Geise originally hid the nature of the theft because she was afraid that Ranck would come back to kill him. She revealed more details in a second interview on March 19, police said.

Geise said she was home on the night of March 7 when Ranck allegedly kicked her back door. Ranck would walk through his kitchen with a small black semi-automatic pistol with a laser sight. Ranck allegedly stood on top of him, pointed the gun to his head and said, “I’m taking what I want,” according to court documents.

Ranck would take a .22-caliber revolver, a .22-caliber starter pistol, a 12-caliber Mossberg bolt-action rifle, a Playstation, charger for a laptop, a cell phone, and an air freshener. He then allegedly forced Geise to reformat his video surveillance, police said.

Ranck was charged with these charges and sentenced to Northumberland County Jail at Coal Township in lieu of a combined $ 225,000 cash bail. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday at 9:30 in front of Diehl.

In addition to these latest charges, Ranck also faces criminal charges for pointing the gun at Leiby on March 7. He was charged with two felonies of illegal possession of a firearm as a convicted criminal and illegal carrying of an unlicensed firearm; four counts of minor offenses of terrorist threats, reckless endangerment of another person, simple assault and disorderly conduct; and two summary counts of driving in suspension and driving without a license. The allegations were filed by Point Township police officer Clarence Kelly in the Milton office of District Judge Michael Diehl.

With these allegations, he is scheduled for a state conference at 9:15 am on Monday. The bond for these expenses is $ 75,000 in cash.

Ranck also has three other criminal cases pending in Northumberland County related to drugs, firearms, terrorist threats, stolen goods, theft and other misdemeanor charges.


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