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Napa police arrest for CVS pharmacy robbery

NAPA, CA – The Napa Police Department announced an arrest this week in connection with a robbery last December in which thousands of dollars worth of prescription drugs were taken from a CVS pharmacy.

In the robbery reported at around 9:30 pm on December 29, police said a man jumped from the counter in the pharmacy area at CVS, 1558 Trancas St., and confronted several employees. According to police, the suspect grabbed one of the pharmacist’s arms and carried him to the store’s safe.

“Employees believed the suspect was armed while holding a hand under his shirt near his belt,” said the Napa police sergeant. Peter Piersig said. “The suspect requested oxycodone while an employee opened the safe.”

The suspect filled half a pillowcase with several thousand dollars worth of hydrocodone and promethazine, then hopped over the counter and left the store, police said.

The responding agents searched the area looking for the suspect but did not find him.

That same night, a CVS pharmacy in Benicia was also robbed of prescription drugs by a similar-looking suspect wearing the same distinguished clothing.

“The surveillance video of both cases showed that a second suspect was involved,” Piersig said.

Investigators worked on the case and identified one of the two suspects as 28-year-old Tyrone Smith from the Sacramento area, the sergeant said. Smith was also identified as possibly involved in similar robberies in Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

Through surveillance, investigators identified a house on block 3000 of Meadow Run Walk in Sacramento as where they believed Smith was.

A detective secured an arrest warrant for Smith and a search warrant for the house.

On Monday night, Smith was stopped by a Sacramento deputy sheriff unrelated to this case and was arrested on Napa’s warrant and incarcerated in the Sacramento County Jail.

On Wednesday morning, Napa police served a search warrant on the Sacramento home with help from the Sacramento Police Department.

“The officers had to forcibly enter the house and four adults were arrested after at least one fled and another discarded pills in an upstairs bathroom,” Piersig said. “Once everyone was detained, several hundred suspected oxycodone pills, along with other prescription pills, were found throughout the house.”

According to the police, most of the prescription pills were packaged in sandwich bags and appeared to be packaged to be sold. Several thousand dollars in cash were found next to the pills and there were several empty bottles of promethazine, none with prescription information attached.

Smith was picked up Wednesday from Sacramento County Jail and taken to the Napa County Correctional Department, where he was cautioned in connection with this case.

He remained in custody Thursday with his bail set at $ 100,000.

Police said Smith and the men contacted at the home were associated with one of the street gangs involved in the recent mass shooting in downtown Sacramento.

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