KUKA automated welding takes center stage at FABTECH Mexico

KUKA automated welding takes center stage at FABTECH Mexico

  • May 13, 2022
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KUKA automated welding takes center stage at FABTECH Mexico

After half a century of leadership in automated industrial joining processes, KUKA Robotics brought its latest advances to this year’s FABTECH Mexico. The company demonstrated its applications for arc welding, rotary friction and agitated friction and highlighted its wide range of automated foundry casting solutions.

Visitors to KUKA’s FABTECH stand had the opportunity to interact directly with a demonstration of
The system partner The E-line cell from AWL Automation equipped with the KUKA KR8 Cybertech nano robot. AWL’s E-Line cells feature centralized robot control at the heart of their design which improves efficiency while ensuring safety. The E-Line maximizes floor space with a compact configuration and is available in three different models: automatic turntable, manual turntable and 2-station cell.

The KR 8 CYBERTECH nano from KUKA, with a payload capacity of 8 kg, handles small components in virtually unlimited applications and is ideal for use in compact robot cells. Flexible and economical, the KUKA nano robot family is extremely light and compact and offers maximum performance with minimal disturbing edges. Nano robots open up previously inaccessible workspaces and adapt to virtually any installation location – floor, wall or ceiling – at any angle.

With more than 1,200 rotary friction welders installed in more than 44 countries, KUKA offers standard and tailor-made machines with fixed or sliding headstock. The machines guarantee welding precision and high productivity. They help reduce consumable costs and provide the versatility to join a wide variety of material combinations.

KUKA rotary friction welders generate welds with fine-grained, low porosity structures, minimizing hardening and distortion of components. The process is suitable for a wide variety of components in industries including aerospace, automotive, construction machinery and energy.

An energy-efficient “green technology”, FSW ensures high seam strength without defects such as pores or cracks and with minimal weld distortion. KUKA FSW is ideal for difficult-to-weld materials and for joining two dissimilar materials such as aluminum with magnesium, copper or steel. Friction and agitation processing is used in a variety of industries, including the automotive industry, including the electric mobility market, aerospace, and electronics manufacturing.

FSW systems from KUKA offer optimal bonding of non-ferrous metals with low melting temperatures and mixed metal combinations. The process uses a rotating pin that moves along the contact surfaces between the pieces and the resulting heat created by the friction plasticizes and welds the parts together.

At FABTECH Mexico, KUKA also highlighted its more than 60 years of experience in automated foundry casting technology. KUKA’s casting solutions cover practically all die casting activities, from foundry compliant discharge from die casting machine to spraying and tempering of the mold to deburring and trimming. KUKA’s end-to-end automated casting solutions from a single source provide everything you need to ensure high-quality production, from the machine exhaust to the finished component.


KUKA is a global automation company with a turnover of around 2.6 billion euros and around 14,000 employees. The company is headquartered in Augsburg, Germany. As one of the world’s leading providers of intelligent automation solutions, KUKA offers customers everything they need from a single source: from robots and cells to fully automated systems and their networking in markets such as automotive, electronics , metal and plastic, consumer goods, e-commerce / retail and healthcare.

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