How to connect Google Nest Cam to Alexa

How to connect Google Nest Cam to Alexa

Google and Amazon devices haven’t always played well with each other, but things seem to be changing. Google recently announced a new Alexa skill that brings the search giant’s Nest cameras to the Amazon Echo Show and Fire TV line of devices.

This means you can ask Amazon Alexa to view your Nest Doorbell’s video feed to see who’s at your door or ask to see your living room camera to make sure your dog isn’t sleeping on the sofa. Still.

The ability has just rolled out, but Google already has plans to add ad support to Amazon’s products so Alexa can notify you when a camera detects a person, for example.

To use the new features, you need the latest Google Nest Cam (indoor), Nest Cam (indoor or outdoor, battery), Nest Cam with Floodlight or Nest Doorbell, and an Echo Show, Fire TV, or Fire HD tablet.

Below I’ll walk you through the process of adding the Nest Cam skill to your Alexa account, detail what you can do once it’s set up, and give some product recommendations.

How to connect Alexa to your Nest cameras

If you’ve ever set up an Alexa Skill for any of your Echo or Fire TV devices, then you’re already well versed in the process of connecting Alexa to your Nest camera.

Jason Cipriani / CNN pointed out

We recommend that you make sure you have the Alexa app installed and configured on your phone, then follow these steps:

  • Open the Alexa app and tap the Moreover button at the bottom of the screen.
  • To select Skills and games from the list.
  • Tap the search icon, then type Nest.
  • The first result should be Google Nest; select it.
  • To select Enable for use on the next screen.

The rest of the process requires that you log into the same Google account linked to your cameras, then give Amazon and Alexa permission to access, view, and control your cameras.

Once you have granted access to the desired cameras and finished the authorization step, the Alexa app will search for new devices on the network and then present you with a list of what it has found. Tap the camera you want to set up by assigning it to a room, then finally select which Echo or Fire TV device you want to test the camera on. Alexa will then guide you through the various voice commands you can use to view your camera.

Jason Cipriani / CNN pointed out

The commands will be a variation of “Alexa, view my living room camera”, with the last part changing based on what you called the camera.

The best Google Nest cameras

Nest Cam (wired) – best for home security

$ 99.99 best buy

Jason Cipriani / CNN

Google’s Wired Nest Cam is designed for indoor use to help you keep an eye on your kids or pets when you’re away from home. You’ll receive alerts whenever the camera detects motion, people, vehicles or animals along with three hours of 1080p video event history.

Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor) – the best camera anywhere

$ 179.99 at Best Buy

Jason Cipriani / CNN

The Nest Cam (indoor or outdoor) can be used as a fully wireless camera thanks to its battery-powered design. You will need to purchase the power cord separately if you want to use it in wired mode. You’ll receive alerts whenever the camera detects motion, people, vehicles or animals along with three hours of 1080p video event history.

Nest Doorbell: the best doorbell with Google technology

$ 179.99 at Best Buy

Jason Cirpaini / CNN

Our pick for the best wireless video doorbell, Google’s Nest Doorbell works without a battery, has a video resolution of 960 x 1280, and can see up to 3 meters using night vision. Like the rest of Google’s Nest Cams, with Nest Doorbell you’ll receive alerts and detection of pets, animals and people.

The best Amazon Echo and Fire TV devices

Fire TV Stick 4K Max – the best 4K option

$ 54.99 on Amazon

Jason Cipriani / CNN

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K Max brings 4K-quality content to your TV, with direct integration with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and smart home platform. Not only can you view your Nest Cams on your TV via a 4K Fire TV Stick, but you can control lights and other smart home devices from the comfort of your sofa.

Fire TV Stick: the most affordable Fire TV

$ 39.99 on Amazon

The standard Fire TV Stick streams your favorite movies and TV shows in respectable 1080p HD quality. It comes with a remote that boasts direct access to Alexa, making it easy to recall the Nest Cam’s feed or request weather reports.

Amazon Echo Show 8: The best all-round smart display

$ 129.99 on Amazon

Jacob Krol / CNN

The Amazon Echo Show 8’s generous 8-inch display size, high-quality speakers, and reasonable price make it our pick for the best smart display. You will have a clear view of your cameras on the Echo Show 8 screen.

Amazon Echo Show 15 – The Best Family Organizer

$ 249.99 on Amazon

Jacob Krol / CNN

If you want something with a larger display that you can use as a small TV, family organizer, and a way to manage and control your smart home devices, the Show 15 is exactly that. It also has a fancy facial recognition feature that can change some of the information shown on the screen based on who is in front of it.


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