Grid Art

Grid Studio reuses discarded electronics into beautiful works of art

An art studio is framing classic electronic products like the iPhone 2G and Blackberry 9000 to give them new life instead of increasing the growing problem of electronic waste.

Grid Studio collects thousands of devices so that you can deconstruct one element piece by piece, then arrange every single part. The components are then labeled and framed to create a modern twist on a work of art.

The original iPhone

Blackberry 9000

Marketing developer Ben Tse spoke PetaPixel to explain how Grid Studio has collected over 10,000 discarded cell phones as they search for pieces of classic modern technology that also include game consoles, smartwatches, and processor chips.

“Our production process begins with the withdrawal and disassembly of the equipment. After ultrasonically cleaning the parts and making sure the parts are clean, we stick the parts on the drawing. After that it will take three to five days to make sure the glue dries, and eventually it will be fed into the frame for packaging, “explains Tse.

IPhone X Grid Study

IPhone 4s Studio Grid

Grid Studio, which is based in Shenzhen, China, says they spend a lot of time ensuring customers receive the perfect products. Each item typically takes a week to build, and the company collects all of the fixtures from retro repairers and collectors.

The team took apart camera phones including Nokia E71, Blackberry 9000, Samsung Galaxy 1 and Google Pixel 1. They also took apart many iPhone models from the past, including the very first ones unveiled by Steve Jobs in January 2007.

The iPhone 1, also known as the iPhone 2G, is a very rare find according to Tse, despite Apple having sold over six million units.

“The iPhone 2G is a very rare asset on the market right now and most of them are in very bad shape. Therefore, we need to spend more time and energy to find the iPhone 2G in good condition and also to clean it up, “explains the 35-year-old.

Nokia E71

IPhone X Grid Study

Environment and Technology

Grid’s six-person team takes pride in their green credentials and offers discounts to customers on Earth Day as well as donating 10% of sales to charity. Tser believes the company is part of the “circular economy” of the tech world, as it recycles and saves resources.

“We recycle the old discarded equipment and turn it into a beautiful and extraordinary work of art, and we also avoid the severe environmental pollution of electronic product waste,” explains Tse.

IPhone 6s Studio Grid

IPhone X Grid Study

The collection of available artwork can be found on the Grid Studio website, and more examples of the company’s work can be found on Instagram.

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