Viking Masek was named best workplace 2022 by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Viking Masek was named best workplace 2022 by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Viking Masek was named best workplace 2022 by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

May 10, 2022 – Viking Masek Packaging Technologies, a leading manufacturer of automated packaging systems, has been named Top Workplace 2022 by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for the second consecutive year. This is the thirteenth year that the Journal Sentinel has published the list of the best places to work and the second consecutive year that Viking Masek has participated and been awarded. The award went to 146 companies in southeastern Wisconsin.

The Top Workplaces list is compiled based on anonymous employee engagement surveys run by Energage, a cultural technology company. The survey measures 15 unique key culture factors that are critical to the success of any organization. The overall results of the Viking Masek survey showed that 72% of employees are involved, 11% more than the benchmark.

“The dedication and commitment of our employees to the core values ​​on which this company was founded enable us to grow and excel as industry leaders. Our employees work tirelessly, sacrificing valuable time with their families. In return, we are very selective in our hiring process to ensure that all our staff are fully committed to our cultural values, helping to maintain the integrity of our company every day. Our employees invest in us, we do everything we can to invest in them “. Robb Leonhard, president.

Viking Masek scored well above its peers in the following areas:

  • Management: Managers help team members learn and grow.
  • Meetings: When we gather at Viking Masek, the employees feel it is a good use of their time.
  • Concerns: Managers genuinely care about the concerns of their team members.

Motivated employees, teamwork and a relaxed and fun culture were also highly appreciated. Overall, employees feel genuinely valued at Viking Masek.

“The result of being chosen for two consecutive years is a reflection of our employees. Our culture, employee engagement, core values ​​and work ethic are practiced by all of them. As a result, the workplace becomes a place where people feel they have a voice and use it constructively and positively.

We have to thank them for our success. ”Scott Miller, VP of Product and Technology and co-owner.

“We really have employees who care about the business. Being named the best job for the second consecutive year really exemplifies the commitment and passion our members have for their craft and our organization,” said the COO Ty Weinhold.

To meet the growing demands for packaging automation solutions, Viking Masek’s workforce has grown nearly 30% in the past year alone. “Surprisingly, we have been fortunate to retain highly talented members, including many who have been with the company for over 5 years and have been a vital part of the company’s success. As we look to the future, our greatest assets remain ours. employees and our customers, “Weinhold said.

To accommodate their growing workforce, Viking Masek completed a major expansion of its U.S. headquarters in late 2021, adding over 36 new workspaces. Find out more about the Top Workplaces Award.

About Viking Maskek

Viking Masek manufactures, sells and provides fully automated packaging line services for food and non-food markets. From coffee to crackers to cannabis and everything in between, Viking Masek packaging lines have been the backbone of successful commercial operations for decades. With its solar-powered manufacturing facility located in Oostburg, WI, Viking Masek meets the packaging equipment needs of local, national and international customers.

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