UiPath Launches Next Generation UiPath Automation Cloud ™ to Extend Automation Leadership in Latest Platform Version

UiPath Launches Next Generation UiPath Automation Cloud ™ to Extend Automation Leadership in Latest Platform Version

UiPath (NYSE: PATH), a leading enterprise automation software company, has introduced Automation Cloud Robots along with a host of other powerful new features as part of the UiPath 2022.4 platform release. The new version provides companies with an even more comprehensive automation foundation for fast and accurate results. The new SaaS robots, along with additional capabilities that simplify how developers create automation, increase security and governance, and expand automation access to the Mac, expand the scope of automation in the enterprise.

“It is clear that automation is the technology of choice for developers who need to quickly build applications that drive business forward,” said Ted Kummert, Executive Vice President, Products & Engineering at UiPath. “We are seeing more customers choosing the cloud and our customer-centric innovation continues to strengthen our leadership in the automation market. Our automation cloud robots give customers the full benefit of the cloud as they scale their automation programs. This release also expands use cases for automation professionals and city developers, and offers numerous enterprise-grade performance and security enhancements. “

New features now available in version 2022.4 of the UiPath platform include:

  • Robot Automation Cloud ™: SaaS robots hosted in UiPath Automation Cloud ™ allow customers to deploy unattended robots instantly without IT, resources or infrastructure. A VM automation cloud robot is a Windows virtual machine created on demand in the Automation Cloud. It provides an automated robot that can incorporate customer software and configurations and will scale as needed. The new Serverless automation cloud robot is part of a pool of “ready when you are” robots that will immediately and securely perform selected automation jobs on demand. With a simple browser-based login, Windows, Mac or Linux users can submit work to Automation Cloud Robots and run it instantly in the Automation Cloud.
  • Frictionless development: With faster performance, expanded integration options, and reduced-code tools and templates, this release removes the friction and complexity from the development process. Automation professionals can now leverage the power of UiPath Integration Service to rapidly develop trigger-based automations; access more than 40 API-based connectors to automate processes involving common applications such as Slack, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Mulesoft, and others; and reduce custom coding to simplify app development with new controls and templates in UiPath apps. Meanwhile, city developers get new, streamlined access to AI-powered tools like Forms AI, Document Understanding, and Task Capture to automate more tasks.
  • Access to automation for everyone: For the first time, Mac users get web automation and API, as well as support for UiPath Assistant. Linux robots now support long-running workflows, expanding automations that can run across multiple platforms. Leaders at the Automation Center of Excellence can preview Automation Launchpad, a new tool that can help them evangelize and expand their program to more users. Users will benefit from a widely expanded set of ready-to-use automations for a variety of tasks in the UiPath Marketplace and Assistant. Finally, developers can build easy-to-use automations with UiPath Attended Framework through best practices and development processes to provide an engaging user experience, maximize automation performance, and streamline the development process.
  • Greater security and compliance: Security and compliance updates in 2022.4 include all UiPath services now as part of SOC 2 attestation and Automation Cloud ™ HIPAA to facilitate the adoption of the UiPath cloud solution with confidence. User and device access controls are strengthened, with extended role-based controls for user management and IT governance for conditional access to ensure that only managed devices are used. In addition, each customer’s data is now placed in a single data center to make it easier to comply with government and corporate data sovereignty requirements.

“In the post-pandemic world, businesses need to become more agile and practice business acceleration. Robots have been a welcome and effective tool for developers and business leaders to create that acceleration, “said Holger Mueller, Vice President and Principal Analyst of Constellation Research.” Making the use of robots a cloud offering through Automation Cloud ™ Robots , UiPath offers companies an easy way to create and operate robots, further democratizing automation. “

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