Nuvve and Power Electronics reach agreement to expand high-power V2G charging line in North America and Europe

Nuvve and Power Electronics reach agreement to expand high-power V2G charging line in North America and Europe

Nuvve’s cloud-based software enables Power Electronics to go beyond bidirectional charging – that is, allowing an electric vehicle (EV) to send power to the grid, enabling electric vehicles to deliver capabilities and services that help stabilize the grid and prevent blackouts. By allowing electric vehicles to store energy, including that from intermittent sources such as solar and wind, Nuvve’s system helps to increase the integration of renewable energy, always giving priority to the driver’s mobility needs.

“By working with a global company such as Power Electronics, we are diversifying high-power V2G charging offerings for our customers around the world,” he said. Lynn Ames, vice president of partnerships at Nuvve. “Through this collaboration, electric fleets can be integrated in a way that makes the grid more flexible, reliable and resilient. This is critical to further reducing greenhouse gas emissions and slowing climate change.”

Power Electronics has the most advanced technology in its production plant, where the vertical integration of the entire process is one of its main features. Through its main divisions: solar energy, energy storage and electric mobility, Power Electronics promotes renewable energy around the world.

“By integrating Nuvve’s technology, we will achieve a solution that will have a direct impact on decarbonisation, allowing both companies to continue to be pioneers in the V2G market,” he said. Ron Puryearvice president and general manager of Power Electronics in the United States.

The integration between the companies is expected to be completed later this year to provide one-way and two-way charging with Nuvve’s V2G certified options for early customers in Europe, followed by a steady launch into a global alliance. The high-powered solution expands Nuvve’s existing range from medium- and heavy-duty charging station offerings for fleet customers, including school buses, work trucks and more.

Nuvve is at the heart of an ecosystem of electrification partners it has assembled including car manufacturers, electric vehicle dealers, charging infrastructure providers, technology solutions and utilities to offer turnkey energy management solutions for diverse types of fleets throughout Europe, AsiaAnd North America. Through its platform, Nuvve helps reduce the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles by creating a more sustainable network.

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Nuvve Holding Corp. (Nasdaq: NVVE) is driving the electrification of the planet, starting with transportation, through its intelligent energy platform. By combining the world’s most advanced vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology and an ecosystem of electrification partners, Nuvve dynamically manages the energy between electric vehicle (EV) batteries and the grid to deliver new value to electric vehicle owners. accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and support the world’s transition to clean energy. By transforming electric vehicles into mobile energy storage resources and networking battery capacity to support changing energy needs, Nuvve is making the grid more resilient, improving sustainable transportation and supporting energy equity in an electrified world. Since its founding in 2010, Nuvve has successfully implemented V2G across five continents and offers turnkey electrification solutions for fleets of all kinds. Nuvve is based in San Diego, Californiaand can be found online at

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Information on power electronics

Power Electronics is the world leader in energy storage and the first manufacturer of solar inverters for large photovoltaic systems in America, Oceania, Asia And Europe. With a presence in over 1,600 renewable energy projects around the world and over 60 GW of installed AC power, it has avoided the emission of more than 60.5 million tonnes of CO2 into the environment.

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