LogiNext Delivery Automation Platform Receives Value for Frost & Sullivan 2022 North American Customers

LogiNext Delivery Automation Platform Receives Value for Frost & Sullivan 2022 North American Customers

LogiNext is proud to have been recognized as the North American leader in providing exceptional value to customers in the automated delivery management platform industry. The Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award recognizes the company that offers products that customers find superior for overall price, performance and quality.

Over the past two years, the pandemic has dramatically changed consumer shopping habits, causing on-demand delivery services to skyrocket. As a new norm today, consumers expect same-day deliveries and real-time delivery communications, with deliveries within their preferred time windows. And this opportunity has brought the software category “delivery automation platforms” to the fore. Norazah Bachok, Best Practices Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, writes:

“LogiNext’s SaaS-based cloud platform enables shippers, couriers and shippers to collaborate on a unified platform and achieve business goals. LogiNext’s innovative technology helps companies make better automation decisions and configure logistics management tools based on your needs and delivering an exceptional customer experience, “

Dhruvil Sanghvi, Chief Executive Officer of LogiNext, says, “It is a privilege to receive this Customer Value Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan. It is an external validation of what we have heard from over 200 corporate clients around the world. This award gives the our team encourages you to continue to deliver on the promise of being a customer-centric organization and delivering results! “

A solid delivery management platform can significantly improve a company’s productivity and the delivery experience of its customers. Thousands of companies around the world have achieved high levels of delivery efficiency using LogiNext solutions. Some of the modules that have won customers’ trust for LogiNext include:

a) Advanced route optimization and trip planning

Thousands of orders can be loaded via excel or automatically via API which are created in trips for delivery drivers based on configurable parameters.

b) Management and gamification of the delivery driver

A gamified driver app allows companies to incentivize drivers and give them the opportunity to earn more. The easy-to-use app integrates seamlessly with existing systems

c) Automated and dynamic order assignment

The AI ​​and ML based algorithm has the ability to communicate ETAs dynamically, which means that if there is any change in the delivery plan during transit, the same can be communicated to all interested parties.

d) Real-time tracking of delivery operations through a map-based visualization

The whole operation is visible on the live screen which is the heart of the LogiNext platform. Operations managers get real-time visibility of the entire platform along with driving actions through the dashboard.

e) Delivering a great customer experience through contextual alerts and notifications

The entire LogiNext platform is designed with the ultimate goal of offering an exceptional experience to the end customer. Whether it’s the ease of use or the real-time nature of communication, the platform takes into account the smallest nuances to deliver customer value.



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