Pharmacist Ashley Buckman, left, and her staff fill prescriptions during a busy afternoon at Shepherdsville's B&B pharmacy.

Kentucky pharmacists support efforts to curb prescription drug intermediaries

A bill that Kentucky pharmacists are trying to curb the powers of prescription drug insurance intermediaries appears stalled in the Senate after it passed the House on March 21 by a vote of 88-3.

House Bill 457, aimed at for-profit entities known as pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs, was handed over to the Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee, often a dead end for legislation.

It follows a law the legislator enacted in 2020 cutting PBMs from the state’s $ 1.7 billion-a-year Medicaid drug program amid complaints from pharmacists that PBMs were profiting at their expense.

Supporters of HB 457, including Rep. Steve Sheldon, R-Bowling Green, are running out of worrying times over a bill that got unanimous approval in a House committee and was easily passed by the House. a week ago.

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