Because automation-enabled time savings are a gateway to growth

Because automation-enabled time savings are a gateway to growth

For agencies and in-house advertising teams, saving time on repetitive tasks is the gateway to significant growth and success. Fluency’s automation of robotic processes for advertising (RPA4A) goes beyond the average automation, simplifying the processes within them.

Innovative automation tactics that leverage RPA4A can help your team grow and thrive. You can take responsibility for your process and avoid the pitfalls of outsourcing work, free employees from tasks that can be automated and give them space to be strategic and creative, and in the process increase growth and let fiscal growth follow. Here are four ways you can grow your business while saving time with RPA4A:

1. Greater accuracy, fewer hours. Task work is tedious, repetitive, and error-prone. Through RPA4A, you can increase the accuracy of your ads, targeting and inputs and spend less time correcting errors.

What does it look like in action? Here’s an example: The management team of a growing digital marketing agency determines to spend 120 hours per week on pay-per-click (PPC) data management and another 20 hours per week on correcting errors. By automating budgets, bidding, and data tracking via RPA4A technology, the team is able to reduce expenses or reallocate those hours to something more effective.

2. Take ownership of your process. One way your team can save time is to outsource. But this method still depends on manual processes and distractions can impact work. When you add RPA4A to an outsourced approach, it saves time and at the same time gives you ownership of the work being done for you.

3. Read the Room: Your employees have something better to say. The equation is simple: saving time on work work means you’ll have more time for high-cognition work, which is strategic, engaging, and meaningful in a way that speaks to your employees’ unique passions and skills. It frees them from repetitive tasks that can be automated, moving them along the value chain to be more strategic and creative. For every hour of time saved by automating robotic processes, it’s another hour your employees can devote to highly skilled (and high-growth) creative and strategic projects.

4. Increase? Follow the fiscal growth. Whether you are growing your team from 50 to 100 or from 1,000 to beyond, we recommend that you optimize your processes to maximize revenue as you grow. With RPA4A, your process will be simplified right from the start. Of course, the more your team grows, the more time you will save and the more income you will generate.

Do you want to save time? Get started with these key tools:

Notifications. With notifications, strategists and analysts don’t waste time looking for optimizations – the optimizations get to them. If you’re looking to proactively streamline your processes, start with overdue messaging issues scanning ad content for language and overdue dates. Keyword analysis activities are another means of saving time analyzing keyword performance, and budget reallocation recommendations can shift your budget to and from campaign groups based on a number of considerations (this feature can also be fully automated).

• Balance. Budget dominates most of an analyst’s daily efforts. Fluency tools can free up most of the time by greatly improving spending accuracy. Whether it runs smoothly, more at the beginning or end of the month or based on historical spend averages, users can leverage stimulation strategies to customize how they allocate their dollars.

Insufficient spending mitigation initiates automatic optimizations when an account is under-paced, mirroring the types of levers a strategist would employ to keep campaign spend on track.

Projects allow customers to start and maintain an unlimited number of accounts. Like a project that you can use to build thousands of homes, customizing their looks, projects are the secret to large-scale portfolio management. Users can make a single Blueprint-level change that affects hundreds or thousands of accounts, instead of having to manually make the same change for each account.

Bulk tools offer the ability to make targeted changes across multiple accounts without those changes affecting all accounts. Users can take a variety of actions, from adjusting keyword bids to changing ad content, and schedule those actions with start and end dates in advance.

Fluency’s RPA4A platform is designed with time savings in mind. Saving time amplifies the value of your business and paves the way for growth. Whether you want to reduce hours, improve outsourcing, prioritize high-cognition work, augment, or all of the above, RPA4A-enabled time savings are your way to growth.

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