Detectives with the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department and a Petaluma police officer leave Dominic Foppoli's home in Windsor, Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021.  (Kent Porter / The Press Democrat)

Authorities seized computers and other electronic devices in search of Dominic Foppoli’s home in Windsor, according to court documents

Sonoma County Sheriff investigators were looking for two photos of women claiming to have been sexually assaulted by former Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli when they served a search warrant on her home last week, according to court documents.

The return of the November 10 search warrant, a document that investigators filed with the Sonoma County Superior Court after serving a search warrant that day, states that they were specifically looking for two images they believe to be evidence of a crime, one from 2002 and another from 2017.

“The research of the aforementioned articles concerns the photograph taken of Jane Doe 1 in 2002 and the photograph taken of Jane Doe 5 in 2017,” the paper states. “The date range for searching for the above items would be from 12/01/2001, when Jane Doe 1 started dating Foppoli, to when the warrant was signed.”

From the Merlot Way home, agents seized 10 items, including two laptops, a Sony Ericsson cellphone and three iPads.

Foppoli, reached by email on Tuesday, said he was not troubled by the search, which took place months after the first allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against him surfaced.

“I respect the diligence of the sheriff’s office, but I have done nothing wrong, so there is nothing for them to find,” he wrote. “The most unfortunate part of this is the huge amount of taxpayer dollars and law enforcement hours that are spent on getting the experts to watch hours of my high school videos and search my college class sheets. on my laptop.

“The only bright side to this is that hopefully this extremely thorough investigative process will allow the public to feel even more confident in my innocence when the investigation is over.”

Foppoli, 39, resigned in mid-May, bowing to vocal demands from fellow legislators and voters to resign amid the growing number of complaints about his reported behavior towards women.

In all, nine women have made public their allegations against Foppoli, including rape, groping and forced oral copulation. The allegations range from 2002 to 2021.

Two other women have since come forward to law enforcement, according to sheriff officials and Traci Carrillo, a Santa Rosa lawyer who represents seven of the women on charges against Foppoli.

The seized items, which also include a recorder, a Canon 35mm camera, a “DVD / CD floppy disk” and a USB drive, were taken after deputies executed a search warrant signed by the High Court Judge of the Sonoma County Shelly Averill on November 3rd.

In the affidavit requesting the warrant, Sheriff Detective Michael Sealock asked Deputy Attorney General Geoffrey Lauter for permission to seek “evidence that tends to prove a crime has been committed.”

Sealock was granted access to search Foppoli’s home, a 2017 white Tesla and a 2010 red Ford F-150 and any electronic device owned by the former mayor inside the house, vehicle or his. possession.

Foppoli was not present when the agents broke into the house.

Had it been, Averill’s order would have allowed MPs to force Foppoli to open all devices that require access to fingerprints or facial recognition biometrics.

Foppoli did not answer follow-up questions about whether he would voluntarily grant investigators access to his electronic devices.

The warrant required any disposable camera or film, all electronic storage devices, computers, phones, smart devices, game systems, SIM cards or other media capable of holding electronic data.

It also searched for any Internet activity, browser history and cookies, bookmarked or favorite web pages, search history, emails, texts, voice messages, attachments and metadata indicating whether Foppoli owned the articles.

The sheriff’s spokesperson, the sergeant. Juan Valencia said investigators needed to prove to the judge they had enough evidence to justify the warrant. Part of the document that included one of the women’s names remained sealed.

He said the two photos specified in the warrant were “part of the focus” of the investigation.

“We have to show the judge, get permission from the attorney general’s office and get the judge to sign it,” he said. “We have to prove the probable cause we are investigating this crime and we believe that evidence of the crime could be found in these elements.

“It’s not just a fishing trip.”

The two-hour search was conducted by the sheriff’s office and included members of a North Bay law enforcement task force specializing in computer evidence.

The raid stemmed from the first warrant notified as part of an investigation launched by the department in April immediately following the first complaint made by four women against Foppoli.

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