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PARIS – (BUSINESS WIRE) – May 9, 2022–

Regulatory news:

ACTICOR BIOTECH (ISIN: FR0014005OJ5 – ALACT), a biotechnology company in the clinical phase that develops an innovative drug for the treatment of cardiovascular emergencies, today announces the presentation of the positive results of the Phase 1b / 2a study, ACTIMIS, in the treatment of acute ischemia stroke, at the 8th European Conference of the Stroke Organization (ESOC) on Friday 6 May 2022.

On this occasion, Professor Mikael Mazighi, MD, PhD, Coordinating Investigator for ACTIMIS, presented the results of the ACTIMIS study during the “Closing Ceremony & Large Clinical Trials 2”:

Glenzocimab, a novel antithrombotic, is associated with reduced rates of intracranial haemorrhage and mortality when combined with standard reperfusion therapies: the ACTIMIS 1 study

Find the exchanges during the ESOC with Professor Mikael Mazighi:

The media presentation

The question and answer session

The positive results of the ACTIMIS phase 1b / 2a study were presented on February 22, 2022 (link to press release).

About ESOC

The European Stroke Organization (ESO) is a pan-European society of stroke researchers and doctors, national and regional stroke societies and secular organizations founded in December 2007. ESO is an NGO made up of individual and organizational members.

ESO’s goal is to reduce the burden of stroke by changing the way stroke is viewed and treated. This can only be achieved through vocational and public education and by making institutional changes. ESO acts as the voice of stroke in Europe, harmonizing stroke management across Europe and taking action to reduce the stroke burden regionally and globally.

The eighth conference of the European Stroke Organization took place on 4, 5 and 6 May 2002 in Lyon.

Information on ACTICOR BIOTECH

Acticor Biotech is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, a spin-off of INSERM (the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research), which aims to develop an innovative treatment for cardiovascular emergencies, including ischemic stroke.

Acticor Biotech is developing glenzocimab (ACT017), a humanized monoclonal antibody (mAb) fragment directed against a new target of high interest, platelet glycoprotein VI (GPVI). Glenzocimab inhibits the binding of platelets to the thrombus without affecting physiological haemostasis, thereby limiting the risk of bleeding, particularly in the brain.

Acticor Biotech is supported by a panel of European and international investors (Karista, Go Capital, Newton Biocapital, CMS Medical Venture Investment (HK) Limited, A&B (HK) Limited, Mirae Asset Capital, Anaxago, Primer Capital, Mediolanum pharmaceuticals and Armesa foundation. ). Acticor Biotech has been listed on Euronext Growth Paris since November 2021 (ISIN: FR0014005OJ5 – ALACT).

For more information, visit www.acticor-biotech.com

1ESOC 2022 – cutting-edge science, ongoing trials and doctors and researchers on young strokes – Abstract # 1758- GLENZOCIMAB, A NEW ANTITROMBOTIC, IS ASSOCIATED WITH REDUCED RATES OF MORTALITY AND INTRARACRANAL BLOODING WHEN COMBINED WITH STANDARD-OF-CARE REFERFUSION THERAPIES: THE ACTIMIS STUDIO. European Stroke Journal 7, p574 (2022).

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