12 Engineering Apps - Trends for Small Businesses

12 Engineering Apps – Trends for Small Businesses

Engineering apps make the life of these professionals more efficient. They are available for Android and iOS. The list below is perfect for anyone studying engineering, and we’ve included apps for engineers already working in the field.

What is an engineering app?

An engineering app has features designed specifically for engineering disciplines. They cover many different areas from engineering codes to project management.

The best products are compatible with your mobile device. This way, you can get all the app features you need on a mobile phone.

Advantages of the engineering app

A mechanical engineer or engineering student will want to understand why they need an app. In addition to improving engineering skills, these other reasons should sell the product.

To get definitions

The terms of civil engineering can be complicated. A good app offers clear short descriptions so you can stay on track.

To get the mobile

Other apps perform functions such as calculating graphs. Work on projects that involve complex problems on the go.

To have fun

Some products allow you to design circuits and components anywhere you can get an Internet connection. They can be both educational and fun.

To get the right size part

Engineers also need technical information on nuts and bolts. Good apps can even provide information on the size of the hardware, which is very useful when providing services to customers. Check out some of the service business ideas that may require engineering apps.

To start

Software engineering students have to start somewhere. Some apps will teach them the basics of skills like programming.

Handy engineering apps

A good app at your fingertips must have several tools. Maybe something like a scientific calculator for certain projects. And a good flashlight to illuminate spaces.

Here is a list to help engineers.

1. Realcalc Plus

You will get an intuitive calculator with this app. The search functionality includes memory and history functions. Get this from the Google Store. Also good for mechanical engineering needs.

2. Autocad

Engineers swear by AutoCAD. It is a design software for both students and experts. Download it for iOs or Android. Share files and DWGs with Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

3. Mechanical Engineering One

This solves the everyday problems that mechanical engineers face. Reference tables, converters and calculators abound. A good database for android users.

The best electrical and electronic engineering apps

Electrical engineering needs to be precise as it deals with everything from power generation to communications.

Below are some of the best engineering apps for this discipline.

4. iCircuit

Experiment and design analog and digital circuits. Built for iPhone and iPad.

The circuit design has 70 elements that you can use.

5. Cut

Take pictures with your phone and use them in equations. Technology based on artificial intelligence.

6. Two thirty volts

This app was designed by the British Electrical Safety Council. Test circuits and loads, transformers and generators and others.

Buy it in the App Store.

The best mechanical engineering apps

This area of ​​engineering needs its own set of apps. These digital engineering tools must be easy to use for students and other users.

7. FingerCAD

Get this in the App Store. Good for technical drawing.

8. Mechanical engineering

This product covers over 1,000 topics. Perfect for working professionals and mechanical engineering students. It covers thermophysical properties, common fluids and other categories to expand professional knowledge.

This app is perfect for any engineering professional. It’s a portable reference library that you take with you on the go.

9. EduQuiz: mechanical engineering

Every professional and engineering student will want this app. It consists of a series of online tests of 2100 questions.

A performance dashboard is included. Download it on Google Play.

The best apps for civil engineers

If you are a civil engineer or civil engineering student, here are some apps for you.

10. Prosecutor

Many companies have used this app to carry out more than 1 million projects. You can get a host of mobile-friendly tools on any Android board.

There is also a practical side to this product. You can link the photographs of your project that come directly from your phone to your drawings.

11. Master of Construction Pro

Get two templates for your Android device. Many different characteristics in terms of slope and degree, just to name a few. Unit conversions are also available. The price is $ 38.99.

12. Basics of civil engineering

Free for students looking for a quick reference guide. There are over 300 topics covered. Get the right unit conversion and your favorite formulas.

Any engineer looking for basic knowledge should read this brief description.

How to choose the best engineering app for your business

Maybe you are a mechanical engineer looking for the most comprehensive database. Or you are a professional looking for specific information on electrical data. Regardless of what you need, here’s how to find the right product in the App Store or through Google

Look for formulas

Finite element analysis shows if something works as expected. This is just one of the formulas you need to look for in the right app. Having the ability to do calculations in the palm of your hand speeds up any project.

Look for conversions

A good app should have a unit converter. A user should have access to a number of categories. Like the electric charge and the duration. Attention to detail is important in this type of work.

Look for material descriptions

Getting the right material information is key. An app should provide data on everything from bolt information to steel profiles. Access to world numbers in metric or imperial format is important.

Look for reference material

You should have an app with a dictionary of engineering terms. Having reference material like this on your smartphone is a smart move for professionals and students alike.

What is the best engineering app?

Mechanical Engineering Uno has it all. A large library of unit converters and related codes for federal, state and local governments. Help engineers with everyday problems that arise.

What is the best app for engineering students?

Realcalc Plus is great for students. Excellent for calculations and comes with multiple formats and displays. Convenient to have on hand for a variety of calculations.

What is the best mechanical engineering app?

EduQuiz is the best app in this category. It works well when geometric figures are needed for engineering unit drawings. Plus there are many other excellent features.

Finally, you may be interested in other service business ideas. If that’s you, follow this link for some great tips.

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