Three central Iowa Walgreens stores sanctioned by the pharmacy council

Three central Iowa Walgreens stores sanctioned by the pharmacy council

Three central Iowa Walgreens stores have been sanctioned by the Iowa Board of Pharmacy for regulatory violations related to hiring practices.

The Walgreens store at 12753 University Ave., Clive, was fined $ 1,500 for operating for 12 days last spring without a responsible designated pharmacist. With the hiring of a new responsible pharmacist, the store was unable to complete an inventory of controlled substances.

The Walgreens store at 3030 University Ave., Des Moines, was fined $ 1,500 for hiring a person to assist a pharmacist with technical work in October 2021, even though the employee would not become a registered pharmaceutical technician until the following month. . The store was also accused of violating state regulations by dispensing Sertraline, an antidepressant, to a patient without providing the patient with the necessary advice. The store had previously received a notice for having an unregistered technician on staff.

The Walgreens store at 3140 SE 14th St., Des Moines, was fined $ 750 for hiring two pharmaceutical technician trainees in February 2021, although the two did not register with the council until the following July. The store had previously received a notice for having an unregistered technical trainee on staff. The shop was fined $ 750.

Other licensees recently sanctioned by the Iowa Board of Pharmacy include:

Lindsey Collett, Milford – The board approved a license application from Collett under certain conditions. In 2014, Collett’s Kentucky pharmacist license was suspended due to being fired from his employer for allegedly theft of controlled substances for personal use. According to the council, Collett admitted he was addicted to oxycodone at the time. Her Kentucky pharmacist license was reinstated in September 2016, subject to 10 years of probation. As an Iowa licensed pharmacist, Collett will need to meet the Iowa monitoring program requirements for pharmacy professionals.

Katelynn Parmer, Decatur – Parmer agreed to voluntarily give up her license to the board after being accused of stealing 173 tablets of a controlled substance from her employer. Police records indicate that for an 11-day period last fall, Parmer worked at the Wal-Mart store in Osceola. On at least three separate occasions, she would be caught on video stealing Tramadol from the Wal-Mart pharmacy, intending to sell the tablets. After being criminally charged with theft and possession of a controlled substance, the theft charge was dismissed, she was granted a deferred judgment on the charge of possession of her and was placed on probation for one year. In February she was charged with violating the terms of her parole. The court hearing on this allegation is scheduled for March 17.

Arnold Beukelman, Sioux Center – The board fined Beukelman $ 2,000 for keeping a supply of controlled substances in his veterinary office from August 2019 through July 2021, despite not having a current Controlled Substances Act registration. He was also accused of failing to keep adequate records. relating to its inventory of controlled substances.

Lori Lindstrom, Mason City – The board fined Lindstrom $ 2,000 for failing to protect his prescription authentication credentials from unauthorized use and for sharing his access information for the National Prescription Tracking Program with others. The board said Lindstrom shared her information with an employee who then used it, unbeknownst to Lindstrom, to illegally fill out fraudulent prescriptions for herself and her daughter.

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