Seminar Series a highlight of the mining and engineering event

Seminar Series a highlight of the mining and engineering event

Queensland mining thought leaders are gearing up to share their insights at the Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition (QME) July 19-21 with an informative seminar series program.

The Komatsu-sponsored QME seminar series will feature panel sessions, keynotes and thought-provoking topics including innovation, industry outlook, exponential technology, workforce, sustainability, and occupational health and safety. With thousands of attendees expected and more than 280 confirmed exhibitors, the seminar series promises to be another major draw in an action-packed week.

QME Seminar Series Sponsor Scott Harrington, Komatsu’s Regional Mining Manager, said it was important to hear the diverse voices of the industry, from on-site executives to consultants and academics.

“The topics covered by the seminar series are topics that we are passionate about in our business: how technology is changing the face of the construction site, the future of automation and artificial intelligence, the importance of diversity and the opportunities for growth in the sector. through collaboration. It is the collective wisdom of the entire industry that will propel us towards a sustainable future, “he said.

One of the key speakers of the first session of the Day 1 panel is Christine Gibbs Stewart, CEO of the national industry association METS Austmine. Gibbs Stewart would like to discuss the possibilities surrounding the electrification of mining equipment.

“The electrification of the mining industry is seen as a key strategy for reducing our carbon footprint. Our members are leading the way by creating and implementing technology that is good for both industry and the environment, ”she said.

“There are many initiatives to promote electrification and it is an area where the industry has come together to collaborate. Initiatives such as the Charge On Innovation Challenge, which examines the electrification of large freight trucks, will undoubtedly accelerate the adoption of the technology in this area and will be significant in reducing our environmental impact. “

At the other end of the series on day 3, Professor Neville Plint of the University of Queensland’s Sustainable Minerals Institute will illustrate and address the complex problems that industry must solve on the road to sustainability.

“As society develops, metals and minerals play an important role in building cities, feeding a growing population and keeping us in touch. But there are challenges along the way that don’t have easy answers: challenges in accessing, processing and sustainably exporting those needed minerals and metals, ”she said.

“The Sustainable Minerals Institute engages some of Australia’s leading research experts to seek answers to these challenges and we think it is important to partner and collaborate with the industry as we do so. QME is a great opportunity to promote this collaboration ”.

Other notable industry experts speaking at the QME seminar series include:

  • Ian Macfarlane (CEO, Queensland Resources Council)
  • Melanie Saul (ESG manager, Pembroke Resources)
  • Ngaire Tranter (ESG General Manager, RPM Global)
  • Professor David Williams (director of UQ’s Geotechnical Engineering Center, School of Civil Engineering)
  • Joanne Bergamin (Communications Director, QEM Limited)
  • Kristy Purdon (superintendent of labor management, Anglo-American)
  • Lydia Gentle (Maintenance Manager, BHP)
  • Tanya Cambetis (specialized execution, Glencore)

The QME seminar series is free as part of the QME and would benefit site engineers, managers and staff interested in improving productivity and long-term strategy. Participants can register online at, where the complete seminar program can also be found.

The exhibit and seminar series will be held at the Mackay Showgrounds.

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