The future of investing is here

The future of investing is here

New technologies have been changing industries and society for a long time. Technology has inspired deeper learning and inspired humans to study aspects of the world that we had not previously considered. However, many educators argue that the more we accept “made for you” automated technologies, the fewer people need to learn.

Living in a world where about 80% of college-age young Americans are thinking about postponing or skipping college. The definition of what it means to be polite is undoubtedly changing, but is it good or bad?

“Measuring the effects of greater automation in investing and entrepreneurship as a whole is really difficult, but we know the effects of proper education, we’ve seen it for generations,” says Anthony DeGalbo. “Any situation where apps and automation reduce interest in being educated in a certain industry can’t be a good thing.”

Anthony DeGalbo is the CEO of OnlyOptionsTrades, one of the most recognized educational options trading platforms online. DeGalbo insisted on going against the grain when he launched the platform, choosing to go the education route in an industry where most of the newer platforms were selling automated investments with artificial intelligence where investors only needed “plug-ins.” and-play “.

The platform’s unique approach of hosting consistent live classes throughout the week has won over many of the company’s admirers and customers. This unique, education-focused, profit-oriented approach resulted in the relatively new company making over $ 3 million in revenue and over 10,000 paying members in 2021 alone.

DeGalbo insists that their success is proof that there is a real thirst for true educational investment platforms.

Is automation really democratizing investment?

One of the great promises of technology has been the democratization of access to different sectors, including stock and option trading. At first glance, it would appear that automation programs, platforms and apps are doing just that by lowering the bar for investors and eliminating the need for due diligence and training on their part. However, DeGalbo argues that this will not lead to true democratization in the long run.

“For anything to boast of being democratized, it must focus on the individual and empower the individual. Automated platforms can be very effective in generating returns, but often the main reason for their success is the seasoned veteran traders behind. of them doing magic. If we continue to reinforce investor ignorance, more and more power will concentrate in these investor companies and, in the long run, the investor will be at a disadvantage. “

DeGalbo’s fear appears to be that automation empowers the company and not the investor, and that’s a fear many have of tech companies in general. The feeling seems to be that the more we rely on technology to do for us what we haven’t spent the time to understand, the more power they have over us. These companies retain the power to raise the cost of their offerings at any time, which would undoubtedly leave investors at a disadvantage.

Blind spots of investment automation

Each investment carries a reasonable level of risk. Investments fail when these risks do not go to the investor’s favor. For example, equity investors need to understand that stocks can lose value and be aware of the possible scenarios that could lead to it. The same goes for options and forex traders.

However, there appears to be a proliferation of automated investment opportunities that promise monthly ROI for a monetary investment.

In DeGalbo’s words, “You never see any of the investment sharks handing out investment dollars to startups whose businesses they don’t understand at least to some extent. When we market an investment opportunity as an automated, low-cost investment opportunity. risk, made for – business that does not require market understanding, we are building a very unsustainable system that may come back to haunt us in the future. “

In a perfect world, any investor in the stock or foreign exchange market will understand the markets and the risks involved. They wouldn’t need to be pushed by unrealistic promises before investing.

The road ahead

“The assumption that investments only require you to invest your own money is why so many pyramid schemes have thrived in America and it is also why most of them have failed.” DeGalbo explains: “Our goal with OnlyOptionsTrades has always been to re-educate the new generation of investors to invest in education before they invest their money. This balanced approach must be the way forward.”

Despite the school of thought we fall into, it is clear that a world in which education and skills acquisition are not emphasized will lead us down the rabbit hole of get rich schemes and failed investments.


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