Sharrow Engineering in Detroit attracts investment in efficient prop design

Sharrow Engineering of Detroit received an undisclosed investment from Dolby Family Ventures. // Courtesy of Sharrow Engineering / Backup photo

Sharrow Engineering of Detroit, which has developed a revolutionary propulsion technology with over 70 patents worldwide, today announced an undisclosed investment from Dolby Family Ventures, a technology venture capital firm dedicated to financing innovation. .

The financial commitment advances Sharrow Engineering’s efforts to rapidly provide more efficient propeller technology to boat engines and, ultimately, other propeller systems.

“Sharrow Marine ushers in a new era of environmentally conscious boating with a design platform that results in higher performance and efficiency with lower fuel consumption,” said David Dolby, CEO of Dolby Family Ventures.

“The Sharrow propeller offers safety, stability, improved glide and displacement performance by reducing vibration, cavitation and noise. The entire maritime industry will benefit from these developments. “

Sharrow Engineering launched its first subsidiary, Sharrow Marine, in 2020 and won that year’s Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award. Since then, Sharrow Engineering says it has made significant investments in manufacturing facilities just outside Detroit to meet the rapidly expanding global demand for Sharrow Propeller and plans to triple production output by early 2023.

“We couldn’t ask for a more ideal partner than Dolby Family Ventures,” said Greg Sharrow, president and CEO of Sharrow Engineering and Sharrow Marine. “The Dolby name is recognized around the world as the visionary leader in sound enhancement and noise reduction for audio recordings, starting with music.

“And our propeller technology is based on a silent drone blade that I developed while working as an executive producer and director in the video and music industry to capture advanced drone footage where noise is critical. Together, we will accelerate. bringing Sharrow Propeller technology to a much larger customer base across the marine industry and other propeller-driven market segments. “

The company says the Sharrow prop has undergone extensive third-party testing and its features include:

  • Greater control of the ship while docking
  • Aircraft at lower 500-1,000 RPM
  • Significant increase in speed at medium revs
  • Up to 30% more efficiency between 2500-4000 rpm
  • Provides up to 30% more range
  • Significantly less vibrations
  • Up to 50% more reverse thrust
  • Quieter at planing speeds
  • Superior handling in tight corners at high speeds

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Dolby Family Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm in San Francisco focused on construction technology companies. The fund honors the legacy of Ray Dolby (1933-2013), who invented Dolby NR, a noise reduction system, helped develop the VCR while at Ampex, and was the founder of Dolby Laboratories.

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