ServiceNow Renews User Experience, Adds Automation Engine with Native RPA - TechCrunch

ServiceNow Renews User Experience, Adds Automation Engine with Native RPA – TechCrunch

ServiceNow today introduced a new overall application design and, while there, launched Automation Engine, a tool developed to help companies accelerate automation creation, including native robotic process automation (RPA) integration. Both are part of the new San Diego release available today.

Dave Wright, Chief Innovation Officer at ServiceNow, says the release is geared towards streamlining and simplification. “One of the key things about the new design is this ‘Next Experience’ concept, this kind of reinvention of what the user experience is like,” he said.

Amy Lokey, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Design at ServiceNow, joined the company about two and a half years ago and initiated a systematic review of the company’s design tools. Although she liked what she saw on the mobile side of things, the web application hadn’t been updated in some time and she wanted to tweak and modernize it.

“When I delved into the experience of our platform, which is a web-based application that contains a large number of tools and applications, it was there that I felt that we had the greatest opportunity to both innovate and modernize. experience, “she said.

He said they had to be very sensitive to changing the overall design because it’s the central place people use ServiceNow and they wanted to make sure they made it easier without confusing longtime users.

New ServiceNow interface with specially created customizable workspaces

Image credits: ServiceNow

“It is used by service agents in IT, HR and customer support. People are in this app eight or more hours a day to potentially do their jobs. So any changes had to increase productivity, had to have intelligence built into the experience, and had to be consistent and simple to use to really empower these users, ”Lokey explained.

He said that taking all of this into account, the redesign involved three key areas: simplifying navigation, making search smart, and simplifying customization. All of this was done in order to make users work more efficiently and smarter without interrupting their way of working.

Additionally, the workspace is now highly customizable and includes elements such as the ability to move menus wherever you want and dark mode for working at night or in low light – something service technicians may very well experience.

The other big change in the new version is Automation Engine, which brings together the previously announced Integration Hub with the robotic process automation capability the company gained when it acquired Intellibot last year. “Automation Engine is this combination of Integration Hub and RPA Hub. So what it allows us to do is do the standard integrations, but also do those integrations and be able to run a bot process that sits on top of it, ”Wright said.

This could be an unattended bot, which works without a human being involved or assisted where a human is required to complete part of the task. Although the tool is designed to simplify ServiceNow workflows by adding automation, implementation may require someone with a specialization in understanding workflow across an organization to create them or the help of a third-party consultant to create them correctly.

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