ReadyWorks and Access IT Automation combine to fully automate Windows lifecycle management

ReadyWorks and Access IT Automation combine to fully automate Windows lifecycle management

NEW YORK, January 19, 2022 / PRNewswire / – ReadyWorks, a leading digital platform (DPC) provider and Access IT Automation, an industry leader in automated application testing and packaging, today announced their technology partnership to fully automate Windows lifecycle management.

Combining ReadyWorks capabilities (data integration, analytics, workflow orchestration, and automation) with Access IT Automation application testing offers businesses an end-to-end solution that reduces risk, cost and effort associated with the continued rollout of new Windows releases and updates, especially as companies begin rolling out Windows 11 to their users in 2022.

“Understanding application compatibility with the latest version of Windows is critical to minimizing business disruption during the migration process,” he said. Andrew Sweney, co-founder and co-CEO of ReadyWorks. “ReadyWorks connects to other IT and business systems to analyze endpoint, user and application information, identify risk and availability, and automate the tasks required to complete the migration, from end-user communications to planning to dispatch commands to other systems to upgrade once all preparation criteria are met. Access IT Automation integrates very well into this process by automating the testing of these applications and then communicating to ReadyWorks that an application has been tested and will work with the latest version of Windows. “

“Our combined emphasis on leveraging automation for Windows maintenance enables companies to reduce labor costs and accelerate OS updates to meet security and compliance requirements,” he said. Tony Testa, Log in to the CEO of IT Automation. “We are very excited about what this partnership means for customers who need a more agile and efficient approach to keeping up with the annual Windows update schedule.”

The convergence of several factors – rising IT project backlogs, shortages of manpower and skills and operations everywhere – is pushing companies to adopt technologies that help them overcome these challenges. The ReadyWorks and Access IT Automation partnership will help increase program efficiency and productivity while alleviating IT frustration.

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ReadyWorks is a Digital Platform Conductor (DPC), an emerging technology that leverages artificial intelligence and intelligent automation to reduce the risk and costs of IT infrastructure transformation. ReadyWorks orchestrates completely complex IT infrastructure transformation programs and offers companies a way to ensure business continuity while running these programs. Unlike legacy infrastructure management tools, which create data silos and introduce risk into IT programs, ReadyWorks serves as a central command and control platform to orchestrate these tools to deliver transformative business outcomes. The platform analyzes information about the entire IT assets (endpoints, users, applications and all their interdependencies) defines the rules for change and uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and intelligent automation to implement those changes. ReadyWorks gives IT teams a holistic view of the environment, how future changes will affect that environment, and how and when those changes should be made so that users and business operations are not negatively impacted. For more information visit

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Access IT Automation offers an industry-leading range of automation products to enable modern desktops. These tools provide organizations with maximum agility, add 360-degree visibility and create actionable insights into their entire IT assets, helping to improve user experience and productivity while reducing the costs of outdated IT processes. Access IT Automation offers unique application testing and packaging, user / platform monitoring and reporting, as well as digital experience visualization and remediation. Leveraging best-in-class automation technologies, Access IT Automation may require slow, manual IT processes associated with workspace management and digital transformation, migration projects, Work From Anywhere (WFA) initiatives, moves to the cloud, or even application deployments and turn them into a simple, fast, and cost-effective process for your business that adds the comfort of compliance and security at every step. For more information, visit

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