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Hydroneer Automation Guide | TechRaptor

In this Hydroneer Automation guide, I will tell you how to build machines that will allow you to automatically extract and process resources.

Such as Hydroneer Automation work

Hydroneer The automation is powered by water. This means that everything you build will need to be near a source of water, such as a river, pond, or lake.

Water pressure determines how fast a machine runs. In some cases, it may also be necessary to filter the water to reduce damage to a machine. The increase in pressure and filtration can be achieved with special hoses.

This Hydroneer Automation Guide will walk you through the basics of setup – it’s up to you to figure out the best machine for your needs.

1. Suction water pipe 2. Valve hook 3. Pressure tank 4. Forged iron drill 5. Forged iron harvester 6. Pot

Best Automated Starter Hydroneer Mining configuration

The best appetizer Hydroneer the mining installation can be built quite cheaply – you can buy used forged iron machines right across the street from your starting location. The image above shows exactly how it’s set up:

  1. Suction Water Pipe – This pulls the water from the river.
  2. Valve hook – allows you to shut off the water flow.
  3. Pressure Tank – You can put shards or bars of shards in this compartment to increase the water flow.
  4. Forged Iron Drill – This actually punches the ground and automatically pulls out lumps of earth.
  5. Forged Iron Combine – Takes tufts of earth and extracts resources.
  6. Pan – A standard pan can capture all the resources that come out of the forged iron harvester.

How to build your first automatic drill Hydroneer

Before you can build your first automatic drill, you’ll need to earn some money by hand mining. Once you have a few hundred Hydrocoins, you can create an automated setup and really ramp up production.

Here’s how to create a basic self-extracting setup:

  1. Place a drill where you would like to extract. Remember, the deeper you go underground, the better resources you get!
  2. Place a harvester directly below the drill output – this will automatically convert lumps of dirt into resources.
  3. Start placing the pipes and make a path to a water source.
    • Optionally, place pressure tanks, valve hooks, water filter hooks, and any other optional accessories you wish to add.
  4. Once the pipes are all connected, turn on the machines and they will start digging!

Expand your mining operations with conveyor belts

This initial setup is just the beginning of Hydroneer Automation: You can expand it further with the use of conveyor belts. Sure, you could go downstairs, pick up the pan and bring it to the surface to smell the items by hand. Once you start carrying more Hydrocoins, you can instead choose to build a series of conveyor belts that will automatically ferry all of your materials to the surface.

Hydroneer Automation Guide - Basic automatic sorting

How to automatically sort resources in Hydroneer

The easiest way to automatically sort resources is to use the manual water sorter. All you have to do is place a nugget of the Resource you wish to filter into the tray; it will fire that resource from one port and deposit the rest from the other port. Three or four of these machines can be used to separate all Start Game Assets into separate containers; refer to the image above for a possible design for a sort configuration.

Logic allows you to build complex machines

A store in Bridgepour has various “Logic” devices that are somewhat similar of Minecraft Red Rock. These allow you to precisely set up your production. We won’t go into detail on this aspect of the game, but it’s definitely worth experimenting with once you have some money to spend!

Maintenance and repair of your machines

Just like the real world, Hydroneer the machines will break down. You will need to use tools to repair them; you can find them in most major stores. It’s always a good idea to have some tools on hand to keep your machines running smoothly!

Hydroneer Automation Guide - Icehelm

How to get the best automatic drills and combines in Hydroneer

While you can buy a couple Hydroneer Automation machines just across the street, to get the best stuff you have to travel east to Icehelm. You will also need a amount of iron (and later Cloutium) to make them.

Where to buy the best drills and combines

You can buy the best drills and reapers within Icehelm. Get off the elevator and walk right at the intersection to access the shop; refer to the table below for prices.

Hydroneer Automation Guide - Icehelm Forge explained
1. Object project pedestal 2. Crucible 3. Activation lever 4. Build platform 5. Slot for remaining resources

How to make the best drills and combines

The process of creating the best drills and combines Hydroneer requires to collect a significant amount of iron (and subsequently Cloutium) along with a good number of Hydrocoins. here’s what you need to do; be sure to refer to the image above to know how this huge anvil works!

  1. You get enough hydromonets and iron / cloutio to purchase the model for the machine you want to build and craft it.
  2. Place the hydromonets and resources in a pan.
  3. Take the pan to Icehelm. Get off the elevator, go right to the shop and buy the model.
  4. Place the template on the article project pedestal (1).
  5. Put the minimum amount of Resources needed into the Crucible (2). Don’t worry about any leftovers – they will be deposited in special slots once you build your Machine.
  6. Pull the Activation Lever (3). The Machine will be deposited on the Build Platform (4). The remaining resources will be deposited in the slot in front (5).

Once you’ve built your machine, you can either do it by hand or place it on the nearby conveyor belt – this will automatically transport it to the surface. You can park a vehicle under the outlet tube to load multiple cars without having to do any extra work.

Hydroneer Machine costs

Machine Level Cost of hydromonet Iron manufacturing cost Cloutium creation cost
Forged iron drill 1 184 300 N / A
Cloutio drill 2 1,520 1,000 300
Booster for the intake of forged iron 1 82 60 N / A
Cloutio intake booster 2 454 N / A 60
Forged iron combine 1 122 100 N / A
Cloutio’s Reaper 2 980 300 100

We’re done with ours Hydroneer Automation guide, but there’s still more to explore! Check out our other guides below:

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