Harford Community College Receives Biotechnology Program Equipment Grant - Baltimore Sun

Harford Community College Receives Biotechnology Program Equipment Grant – Baltimore Sun

Harford County Community College (HCC) is one of 23 technical and community colleges to receive a grant for bioproduction equipment from Scientific Bioprocessing, Inc. and BioMADE. HCC will receive equipment worth approximately $ 16,000.

The equipment will support student learning in the biotechnology degree program that prepares students for careers in biomedical research, biopharmaceuticals, agriculture, biofuels, bioproduction and more.

“This equipment will have a significant and valuable impact on the community and technical colleges,” said Thomas Tubon, head of workforce development at BioMADE. “Many companies are struggling to fill jobs in the bioproduction sector right now. This equipment will help train and prepare students for much needed roles. Together, we are strengthening the foundation of the bioproduction workforce. “

The new equipment will allow students from the revised biotechnology program to replicate experiences found in bioproduction facilities, as additional training modules in upstream processing. Upstream processing is a process related to the development of microorganisms, nutrient preparation, cell culture, cell separation and harvesting.

The faculty will be able to expand the work done in the HCC BIOTECH Pathways program, which seeks to increase the diversity and number of HCC graduates employed in industry by providing education programs in line with the skills desired by industry partners.

Scientific Bioprocessing, Inc. (SBI) and BioMADE have awarded a total of $ 368,000 to colleges nationwide for state-of-the-art bioprocessing equipment through its SBI Digitally Simplified Bioprocessing Fellowship.

As part of the scholarship award, each college will become a member of BioMADE, which will increase access to career and workforce development resources.

“The further collaboration facilitated by BioMADE and partnerships between community colleges and companies such as SBI are important to our shared goal of developing a well-educated and diverse bioproduction workforce and I look forward to working with BioMADE members.” said Jaclyn Madden, associate professor of biology and biotechnology at HCC.

BioMADE was officially launched in April 2021 as the U.S. Department of Defense-sponsored Manufacturing Innovation Institute. He is also a member of Manufacturing USA®, a nationwide network created to ensure US global leadership in advanced manufacturing through large-scale public-private collaboration on technology, supply chain, and education and workforce development.

Scientific Bioprocessing, Inc. (SBI) was founded in 2011 and is dedicated to the development of digital technologies such as sensors, actuators and software that simplify bioprocessing tasks.

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