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Governor Whitmer Announces 195 New Dundee Jobs at Automotive Electronics Manufacturer EOI Pioneer


December 3, 2021

Contact: Kathleen Achtenberg,

Gov. Whitmer Aannounces 195 No.uh Jobs in Dundee at a manufacturer of automotive electronics Pioneer of EOI

  • $ 14 million investment for estabilize easenew production activities to allow the company to do so grow its global automotive business
  • Project is the company’s first North American automobile operations; highlights Michigan’s leadership in automotive manufacturing

LANSING, Mich.? – Govmistake Gretchen Whitmer joined a group of Business, state, And local officials today to celebrate the expansion of The operations of EOI Pioneer in the village of Dundee, thanking the automotive electronics manufactureruh to invest in Michigancreating new jobs for Michigan residents And highlighting the Michigan manufacturing industry.

“Michigan’s economic climate and highly skilled manufacturing workforce provide an environment in which companies like EOI Pioneer can grow and thrive, creating high-paying jobs for Michiganders in Monroe County, “?She said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “This is great news for workers, their families and our economy as we continue our economic leap and get Michigan back to work.With the help of companies like EOI Pioneer, we can keep moving forward to make our state’s economy stronger than ever.“?

The project is expected to generate a total capital investment of $ 14 million and create up to 195 new jobs with the support of the Michigan Strategic Fund. Michigan was selected for the project on competing sites in Ohio, Ontario and Tennessee.

Governor Whitmer made his remarks today during a ribbon cutting ceremony and tour of the company’s manufacturing facility in Dundee. The project was awarded a Achievement-based grant from the Michigan Strategic Fund’s $ 1 million Michigan Business Development Program.



EOI Pioneer Inc. is a subsidiary of Optoelectronic Excellence, Inc., a Taiwan-based manufacturer of LED light sources and electronic assemblies for the automotive industry. EOI is seeing substantial growth in its global automotive business and created EOI Pioneer to begin manufacturing in North America in 2001.

The company plans to establish new manufacturing operations in an existing building at his facility in Dundee. The production area will be converted to electrostatic discharge And temperature and humidityclean case checked for a state-of-the-art electronic manufacturing process to meet the rapidly growing demand for automotive electronics.

“Our goal is to become one of the pioneers of innovative light sources in the automotive industry, create value for our customers and make a great contribution to the world. Today, as we celebrate the opening of this facility, we are very grateful to our Governor, Mrs. Gretchen Whitmer, the state of Michigan, the MEDC, Monroe County and the village of Dundee, for the kindness of the support that has been provided, “said The president and president of EOI Fanny Huang. “We are also very grateful for the incentives offered to EOI Pioneer. We will be committed to the success of our company and our people, as well as using our resources to help grow our village, our county and our state.”

The project builds on Michigan’s leadership position in automotive manufacturing and further strengthens the state’s work to capitalize on its existing mobility, software, manufacturing, engineering and design capabilities to increase Michigan’s technology footprint. The project will also impact the local region with immediate employment growth with a large expanding automotive supplier.

EOI believes in promotion from within and offers its employees continuing education programs, encouraging employees by the hour to seize opportunities to become senior supervisors or be promoted to other advanced functions. EOI also uses Michigan Works! to reach local talent in disadvantaged areas and underrepresented employees and is open to helping employees gain access to their facility for job positions.

“Congratulations to the EOI Pioneer team on your tremendous growth and success. We appreciate your continued vote of confidence in our state and workforce,” he said?Quentin Messer, Jr.,?MEDC CEO and President and President of the Michigan Strategic Fund. “We are proud to join our local partners as we celebrate EOI’s expansion in Dundee. We look forward to welcoming more companies such as EOI in Michigan and presenting all the competitive advantages of Pure Opportunity to companies around the world. “

Dundee Village supports the project and is ready to offer support and resources to staff to assist the company as it grows and adds jobs in the area.

“EOI’s investment in our community through this project will greatly contribute to Dundee’s overall health by creating jobs and, consequently, the increased spending on our local businesses that results from those jobs. Local businesses are the backbone. of our small town and we want nothing more than to see them thrive, “he said Dundee village President Andrea Hickey. “On behalf of the Dundee Village Council, our village office staff and the outstanding residents of Dundee, I would like to thank our partners in Monroe County, Monroe County Business Development Corporation and the State of Michigan and, of course, the team. by EOI. “

“On behalf of Monroe County and the BDC we welcome EOI to Dundee,” he said Tim Lake, President and CEO of Monroe County Business Development Corporation. “We have enjoyed working with the company over the past few weeks and are thrilled that they have decided to expand to Dundee. We appreciate the great work they bring to our community. We look forward to building mutually beneficial relationships for many years to come.”

For information on careers with EOI, visit here.

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