Gizmogo leads efforts to mitigate growing electronics

Gizmogo leads efforts to mitigate growing electronics

CHINO, California, February 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Gizmogoa forward-thinking company that incentivizes consumers to exchange their old electronic devices for refurbishment or recycling is driving environmental protection through initiatives focused on managing end-of-life technology.

“E-waste has frightening implications for our health and that of our planet. One way to ensure that every gadget we buy never ends up in a landfill – releasing toxic chemicals into our soil, water and air – is by donating devices to students who don’t have the tools to further their education, “said James Wang. , founder and CEO of Gizmogo. “By fostering these unique partnerships focused on reducing electronic waste, we are helping both bridge the growing technology gap and protect our planet in the face of this growing crisis.”

Earlier this month, Gizmogo donated $ 5,000 and 40 refurbished iPads and Android tablets to Robin Palomares, an elementary school teacher in Baltimore, Maryland. Ms. Palomares teaches many students who do not have the tools and devices necessary for hands-on learning at school and at home. The donation ensures that her students are equipped for success, while furthering Gizmogo’s mission to reduce electronic waste by extending the life of the devices.

Furthermore, Gizmogo e OC Habitat hosted a beach cleanup event at Newport Beach’s Balboa Pier this weekend. OC Habitats is a non-profit organization with a mission to conserve, protect and restore local habitats through monitoring, education and restoration. Together, the two organizations promote environmental action at the local level.

For more information on how Gizmogo’s exclusive online platform addresses the e-waste crisis in the safest, most secure and responsible way, visit the website

About Gizmogo
Gizmogo is addressing the growing e-waste crisis with a safe, secure and responsible solution. Founded in 2020 and based in Chico, California, Gizmogo encourages consumers to trade their old gadgets for refurbishment or recycling. Through a unique online platform, the company allows customers to easily receive the maximum monetary value for used electronics. Gizmogo goes beyond Department of Justice standards for data protection by providing certification (upon request) that authenticates that the device has been wiped from any personally identifiable information. Since Gizmogo recycles what it cannot renew, no discarded electronic device ever ends up in a landfill. To find out how Gizmogo extends the life cycle of technology by reducing the environmental impact and transmitting value to customers, visit the website

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