Bugatti Rimac will open the new design and engineering hub in Berlin - Bugatti Newsroom

Bugatti Rimac will open the new design and engineering hub in Berlin – Bugatti Newsroom

While the Bugatti Rimac headquarters remains in Zagreb with the majority of employees and a future expansion in Croatia, this new Berlin hub operates under a new German subsidiary, Bugatti Rimac GmbH. It houses not only the design and engineering teams, but also other Bugatti Rimac functions, including Procurement, Finance, Program Management, IT, Legal and Marketing who work side-by-side with their colleagues in Croatia and Molsheim. It was deliberately chosen as one of the most vibrant, creative and innovative areas in Germany.

For decades, Berlin has thrived as a city that fuels start-ups and rewards outlandish ideas. To this day, it remains an epicenter for artists and designers, as well as for tech start-ups and incubators. It is the ideal platform from which to nurture the new engineering and visual identity of future Bugatti and Rimac vehicles under the Bugatti Rimac.

The Group’s global headquarters are located near Zagreb, Croatia, and will move to the brand new 200 million euro, 100,000 m2 Rimac Campus. Bugatti will maintain its manufacturing facilities in Molsheim, France, where it will continue to produce its state-of-the-art hypercars.

To forge the next chapter in automotive history as a multinational company, Bugatti Rimac combines Rimac’s unique agility, in-house technical expertise and innovative drive with Bugatti’s extensive heritage, engineering excellence and unique design will create the next generation of hypercars that define the industry.

Together, Achim Anscheidt, Chief Designer and Emilio Scervo, CTO of Bugatti Rimac, will bring together the kind of forward-thinking minds needed to develop the future of the world’s leading hypercar business. Positions are already available for Concept Chief Engineer, Head of High-Voltage Systems and Components, Head of Fine Mechanics, as well as design roles with specific focus on interiors, exteriors and VR.

Adriano Mudri, formerly Director of Design at Rimac Automobili, is becoming the Design Director of a future sister company of Rimac with a focus on mobility, developing next generation vehicles to be revealed at a later date.

Mate Rimac, CEO of Bugatti Rimac, said: “Bugatti Rimac GmbH is an exciting new business expansion. This new branch will be deeply involved in many exciting hypercar projects that we can’t wait to share with the world. Our team is expanding day by day and Bugatti Rimac GmbH represents an opportunity for the best in the industry to join us, demonstrate their skills and be part of a company that is redefining the hypercar. “

Achim Anscheidt, Design Director of Bugatti Rimac, said: “From the beginning of the Veyron to the end of the Chiron era, this legacy will mark a chapter in Bugatti’s history, but now we are preparing for a new era with the Bugatti Rimac. With the ‘opening of our new office in Berlin, we are preparing to evolve this story towards new innovative horizons, with a new design direction that reflects the cutting-edge electrification technology pioneered by the Rimac Group. For us it is of the utmost importance to preserve the DNA stylistic of a Bugatti, yet our characterizing design identity continues to be authenticated through form following performance. With new electrified technologies, our focus on design will change by necessity, introducing a perfectly sharp proportion to both engine excitement. combustion than the instant power of the electric drive.I’m also very keen to help to evolve the Rimac brand and the DNA of design, which, in a relatively short time, has already received global recognition “.

Emilio Scervo, CTO of Bugatti Rimac, said: “The Veyron and the Chiron belonged to the same family, but now we have the opportunity to establish a new lineage as part of the Bugatti Rimac era. With the world-leading experience in electrification of performance, pioneered in the Rimac Nevera, and the unparalleled innovation of the Chiron’s combustion engine, the possibilities for unleashing new levels of skill and performance are nearly endless. Working hand-in-hand with Achim will enable us to deliver engineering works of art; a modern synthesis of beauty and performance, emotional involvement and engineering prowess.

“Our goal is to pursue the best materials and the latest technologies, but also the best and most daring minds, and with our new facility in Berlin we believe we have the infrastructure in place to meet this fascinating challenge.”

About the Rimac Group

The Rimac Group, led by CEO Mate Rimac, is the majority shareholder of Bugatti Rimac and the sole shareholder of Rimac Technology. The Group brings together the world’s most advanced hypercars with a world-renowned team that develops autonomous electrification solutions and high-performance software for the world’s largest OEMs. Rimac is headquartered on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia with offices throughout Europe and currently employs more than 1,300 people. From 2023, the Rimac Group will be based in a new state-of-the-art 200,000 m2 Rimac Campus, large enough to accommodate over 2,500 people.

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