Avoid using certain Greenpark compounding pharmacy products

Avoid using certain Greenpark compounding pharmacy products

September 17, 2021

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The FDA has recommended that healthcare professionals and individuals avoid using compound products that are said to be “sterile, manufactured and distributed nationwide by Prescription Labs Inc.” which operates as Greenpark Compounding Pharmacy.

The agency based its recommendation on the lack of a “sterility guarantee”. He also said that Greenpark Compounding Pharmacy’s operations inspections raised several concerns, including employees wearing non-sterile equipment, manufacturing non-sterile drugs in non-sterile areas, and non-recertification of airflow and quality of the drug. air in some of its corporate offices.

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The FDA also said that Greenpark Compounding Pharmacy began recalling several batches of a compound ophthalmic drug in August. The following month, the agency recommended that the recall also include “all unexpired compound drugs intended to be sterile and discontinue sterile production until appropriate corrective actions are implemented.” The company “refused to recall all unexpired compound pharmaceuticals intended to be sterile or to cease compositing all sterile drugs,” the FDA said.

The FDA added that it is not aware of any drug-related adverse events from Greenpark Compounding Pharmacy. The agency also said customers with concerns about this announcement should contact their doctor. In addition, those who experience adverse events or quality issues related to Greenpark Compounding Pharmacy products must submit a report to the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program.

Based in Houston, Greenpark Compounding Pharmacy composes drugs used for pain treatment and hormone therapy, as well as drugs used in the pediatric, dermatology, podiatry and sports medicine industries, according to the company’s website.

In response to the FDA’s claims, Kenneth Hughes, RPh, a compound pharmacist from Greenpark Compounding Pharmacy, told Healio Primary Care that the company is “in good standing” with the Texas Board of Pharmacy. Hughes also noted that the company follows all state council regulations and “supplies sterile and non-sterile drugs that are safe for Texas.”

“The FDA is exercising its federal authority to apply the practices of national pharmaceutical companies to state-regulated pharmacies,” added Hughes.


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