AVEVA signs a 3D nuclear engineering partnership with EDF

AVEVA signs a 3D nuclear engineering partnership with EDF

HAD has signed a long-term partnership with EDF to develop its 3D nuclear engineering program.

AVEVA will help guide EDF’s SWITCH digital transformation program with its own Design HAD E3D solution and other components of the HAD Unified engineering solution, and strengthen its itengineering design portfolio through faster design and delivery of its nuclear power plants, as well as advanced safety and performance standards.

By simplifying data from different design disciplines, including mechanical, electrical and civil works, several hundred users in different global locations will be able to work together within a digital twin repository, eliminating engineering design approaches in silos, avoiding data inconsistencies and removing duplication.

The AVEVA technology will allow users to collaborate on shared 3D models simultaneously, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of EDF’s nuclear engineering design processes.

This partnership builds on a long-term relationship where AVEVA has supported EDF with 3D digital engineering solutions in its N4 nuclear power plants since the 1980s. To date, AVEVA’s capabilities have enabled EDF to drive its sustainable nuclear vision by reducing working hours and improving data consistency.

The new partnership between AVEVA and EDF should generate:

  • Reduction of design and engineering times
  • Reduction in the need for rework
  • Faster development speed of 3D models
  • Greater visibility of the project for all project stakeholders
  • Greater collaboration between design and engineering teams
  • Extended life of assets and ability to reduce CO₂ emissions

The new agreement will see AVEVA digital design systems implemented as the gold standard for all new EDF nuclear projects.

Xavier Ursat, EDF Group Executive Director – Engineering and New Nuclear Project, said SWITCH’s digital transformation program is key to reinforcing EDF’s ambition to produce low-carbon electricity and achieve our carbon neutrality goal. carbon by 2050 across its entire portfolio.

“This extended long-term partnership supports our engineering design and operations teams and enables them to optimize operational performance and harness nuclear energy efficiently,” he said.

AVEVA CEO Peter Herweck said his digital engineering design can support EDF in driving its net zero energy strategy. “With our new agreement, AVEVA will help EDF accelerate engineering collaboration, connect teams and unlock higher performance through shared contextual data and intelligence. We look forward to helping EDF’s experienced engineers reduce design time. improve collaboration and accelerate efficient decision-making for developing the nuclear industry of the future. “

EDF lists eight nuclear sites in its portfolio in the UK – Torness, Hunterston B, Dungeness B (whose closure was announced in June), Heysham 1 and 2, Hinkley Point B, Hartlepool and Sizewell B – and between them generate around the 20% of the country electricity.

AVEVA recently launched Vision AI Assistant 2021 – an analysis tool based on image classification. The AI ​​solution, which can be integrated into AVEVA System Platform and Operations Management Interface and AVEVA Insight, enables customers to use video and images from existing general purpose cameras and convert them into user-friendly information and timely alerts.

Designed for low-latency industrial environments, Vision AI Assistant leverages deep learning to train and deploy 24×7 artificial intelligence models to improve situational awareness to help operators focus on the task at hand without continuously monitoring camera feeds on time real.

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