7 easy-to-start workflows to inspire Zapier Automation

7 easy-to-start workflows to inspire Zapier Automation

Zapier is a powerful automation tool that can be used to create complex workflows. But when you’re new to automation and integration tools, it can be hard to get started. Check out these simple initial workflows for Zapier automation inspiration which will benefit you from day one.

Zapier connects your favorite apps and services. These connections allow teams and individuals to automate multiple workflows. Each connection between two apps is called “Zap” and they are designed to make you work smarter, not harder. With over 4,000 apps to choose from, there are plenty of handy Zapier workflows for entrepreneurs to create.

1. Create Mailchimp subscribers from Typeform or PayPal

How many marketing automation flows have you set up in your company? Email is perfect for this. Mailchimp is an email marketing service that allows you to design emails, maintain a list of subscribers, send an email to those subscribers, and then track the results of that campaign. But what happens when a customer is not a subscriber?

With this PayPal → Mailchimp workflow, Zapier monitors all sales made through PayPal and inserts the customer’s email address into your email campaign in Mailchimp, effectively helping you to retain each new customer.

Type Mailchimp Workflow

You can do the same thing with Typeform. Let’s say you are using Typeform to survey your website visitors about the user experience they have received. The Typeform → Mailchimp Zap will store the user’s email address in Mailchimp so that you can inform that user of the new version of your website, derived from the feedback originally offered.

2. Create Trello cards from Gmail emails and update in Slack

Workflow from Gmail to Trello

With the influx of morning emails, it can be nearly impossible to convert them into a viable activity in a reasonable amount of time. Gmail → Trello Zap can fix it, helping you reach “inbox zero” much faster. In short, Zapier scans your Gmail for emails with a certain label and creates a formatted Trello card from them.

Trello to Slack workflow

The best way to get inspired by automation is to start with simple workflows and identify ways to go further as you become familiar with your tool. You can take this Zap one step further by automatically updating teammates on this new Trello card in Slack, so that the team can be informed about the task and complete it. All That from a simple label!

3. Get notified of new Dropbox files in Slack

Dropbox to Slack workflow

I can think of a number of reasons why this Dropbox → Slack setup is epic. First, Dropbox really drains your battery because it constantly checks for file updates, so having notifications in Slack can literally save you hours of battery life. But don’t worry, not only can you be notified in Slack of new Dropbox files, but Slack can import the file, making it searchable and downloadable from Slack. Dropbox doesn’t even need to be turned on!

4. Create and publish WordPress posts in Evernote

Evernote to WordPress workflow

Hate using a CMS? I understand you. Bloggers like to stay focused on the words, which is why a Zapier integration that lets you check WordPress posts in Evernote, a note-taking app, is such a neat idea. Basically you create a new notebook and Zapier uploads the “notes” to WordPress.

Notes can also be tagged and dated, which makes it extremely easy to categorize articles. You can make Evernote your new CMS today!

5. Record both PayPal and Stripe sales in Google Sheets

Workflow from PayPal and Stripe to Google Sheets

Using these two Zaps you’ll be able to automate the ordeal of having to export transaction data to Google Sheets, but instead of replacing a spreadsheet with an updated version, both PayPal and Stripe Zap log new sales on a new line. If you use PayPal And Stripe can set up both integrations to copy new sales into the same spreadsheet.

6. Copy Google Drive files to Dropbox (or vice versa)

Google Drive to Dropbox workflow

Half of the team uses Google Drive and the other half uses Dropbox, a typical “sigh …” situation. Everyone has their own reason for choosing one over the other.

Fortunately, we can keep the two cloud storage services in sync by copying Google Drive files to Dropbox and vice versa!

7. Create Trello cards from Todoist Tasks

Many teams use Trello for task management, but for personal task management, services like Todoist are more popular. Even though I work within various large Trello boards, I still find it useful to keep a private to-do list that only incorporates my tasks – that way I don’t have to sift through my assigned tasks across multiple Trello boards.

But instead of having to manage Trello boards and Todoist lists at the same time, this Todoist → Trello Zap (or vice versa) can convert your tasks listed by Todoist into Trello cards, a workflow that benefits the business. operators as well as task managers.

Inspiration for automation from Zapier: next steps

Zapier is that one friend who brings the group together: the organizer, the one who makes sure everyone gets along. I’ve only mentioned a handful of Zap in this article, so I encourage you to search the Zapier database to see how you can bridge the gap between the services you use and get even more Zapier automation inspiration.

Do you want to build more complex automations? Check out some of our guides using Zapier as an integration glue:

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