The Gravel Pit Road Bridge is one of three bridge projects for which Wayne County Commissioners have approved engineering and design funding.

3 bridge projects to go along with $ 296,000 in engineering, design work

RICHMOND, Ind. – Engineering and design work will proceed on three Wayne County bridge projects.

On Wednesday, the three county commissioners unanimously approved $ 296,000 for the work that will get the projects ready. The county can then submit these projects to the state for possible funding through the Community Crossings program or take advantage of any additional infrastructure funding opportunities that arise.

The projects going on are a 20-foot bridge over Fountain City Pike with an engineering and design cost of $ 52,000, a 140-foot bridge over Gravel Pit Road with a cost of $ 130,000, and a project that includes bridges over Brick Church and Clyde Oler Streets with a Cost of $ 114,000.

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