Universal Engineering Sciences Launches Virtual Design Consulting Services

Universal Engineering Sciences Launches Virtual Design Consulting Services

Subsurface Information Modeling (SIM) and 3D laser scanning provide more accurate Building Information Models (BIM), increase safety and increase project efficiency and profitability

Orlando, Florida, April 14, 2022 – Universal Engineering Sciences® (UES), a leading nationwide engineering and consulting firm, adds a new service to its wide range of offerings – Virtual Design Consulting – that will increase safety, reduce risk and help all parties involved in complex construction projects to maximize profitability and limit change orders. UES, which was recognized as the fastest growing AEC company in the United States and Canada in 2021, is leveraging sophisticated subsurface information modeling, advanced geophysics, and 3D laser scanning with mixed reality applications to package the its virtual design consultancy services and help all aspects of a construction project – often prior to the construction of a building.

3D digital models of building components, project sites and underground utilities help architects, engineers and contractors – UES’s leading clients for virtual design consulting – visualize and manage team workflow and organization and deliver models and more accurate reports of underground structures at the start of any design-construction project.

“This innovative service will enable BIM to be more robust by providing accurate subsurface information that creates a true total asset model. We are filling a void in the AEC industry by seamlessly combining both underground and above ground building information, “said James Slusher, PE, Director of UES, Virtual Design Consulting.” This line of services is a key addition to the diverse set of consulting services from UES which will enable the company to serve even more projects from start to finish in areas of the United States that are experiencing tremendous development growth. “

UES’s virtual design consultancy initially focuses on three core areas of expertise: subsurface utility engineering (SUE), subsurface information modeling (SIM), and 3D laser scanning, which integrates SIM and building information modeling (BIM) in a way that has never before was widely offered to the AEC industry.

SIM is the process of creating digital replicas of underground structures such as utilities, voids and foundations that can be detected above ground level. It is essentially the inverse of BIM, an industry standard practice that generates digital representations of the physical characteristics of a structure.

By combining SIM and BIM, Universal Engineering Sciences can provide a comprehensive service offering that makes total asset models of above and below ground structures more accurate while also integrating geotechnical and structural information. The Virtual Design Consulting team uses techniques involving advanced geophysics, surveying, laser scanning and 3D modeling with equipment that far surpasses the sophistication of traditional ground penetrating radar. Some benefits of integrating SIM into the BIM process include:

  • Analysis of potential conflicts with above-ground and underground structures
    • Create reliable 3D digital recordings of underground services
    • Reduce soft digging
    • Limit costly arrests due to utility strikes
    • Assess the positions of voids and sinkholes
    • Collection of data on the rippability of rocks
    • Minimize change orders and delays
    • Reduction of construction risk

Universal Engineering Sciences expects Virtual Design Consulting services to help increase site security and increase the overall efficiency and profitability of a construction project.

About universal engineering sciences

Universal Engineering Sciences, based in Orlando, is a fast-growing private engineering and consulting firm with nearly six decades of experience in geotechnical engineering, building materials testing, building code compliance, threshold inspections, and environmental consulting. UES is considered a pioneer in the industry and is at the forefront of emerging technology, best practices and influential regulator. Projects include both public and private clients, ranging from transportation and healthcare to commerce and education. UES engineers, geologists, certified inspectors and scientists offer an unwavering commitment to excellence, approaching each project as an opportunity to nurture lasting relationships with customers. BDT Capital Partners is the main investor in the company. UES is committed to growth through strategic acquisition and organic growth. UES’s presence includes locations in all high-growth markets in the South, Midwest and West, including Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Metro DC, California, Utah, Nevada, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. UES has been named number one on the Zweig Group’s Hot Firm List, which awards the fastest growing companies in the architecture, engineering, planning, environment and construction (AEC) industries. With nearly 3,100 professionals in 67 branches in nearly 20 states nationwide, UES advises on projects of all sizes to help provide the necessary infrastructure and build safe and successful communities. For more information, visit universalengineering.com or follow UES on social media.

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