The Industry IoT consortium and the International Society of Automation help companies protect industrial automation and control systems

The Industry IoT consortium and the International Society of Automation help companies protect industrial automation and control systems

IoT Security Maturity Model: 62443 Mapping publications for asset owners and product vendors



BOSTON, MA, May 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Industry IoT Consortium® (IIC ™) and the International Automation Society™ announced the IoT Security Maturity Model (SMM): 62443 mappings for asset owners and product suppliers. “This new guide extends the IoT Security Maturity Model (SMM): Practical Guide to Provide Mappings to Existing 62443 Standards and Guidelines Specific to Asset Owner and Product Vendor Roles,” said Ron Zahavi, Chief Strategist for IoT standard from Microsoft and Co-author of IoT SMM.

The IIC IoT SMM helps organizations choose the target security status and determine the current security status. By repeatedly comparing the goal and current status, organizations can identify where they can make further improvements.

The ISA99 committee developed the 62443 series of standards, which was adopted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The standards address current and future vulnerabilities in industrial control and automation systems (IACS) and apply the necessary mitigation in a systematic and defensible way. ISA / IEC 62443 standards focus on maturity but only on the maturity of security programs and processes.

“Achieving security maturity goals can be difficult to implement without concrete guidance,” said Frederick Hirsch, co-chair of the IIC ISA / IIC Contributing Group. “These 62443 mappings enable professionals to better achieve security maturity by correlating the completeness levels of the IIC IoT SMM practice to ISA / IEC 62443 requirements. In this way, IACS asset owners and product suppliers can more easily achieve appropriate maturity “.

Eric Cosman, co-chair of ISA99, said: “Although standards such as ISA / IEC 62443 are needed to codify proven and accepted engineering practices, they are seldom enough. Joint efforts like this provide the practical guidance needed to promote and support their adoption”.

Pierre Kobes, member of ISA99 and of the IEC 65 Technical Committee, said: “It is not about increased security, but about implementing the appropriate security measures. IoT SMM: 62443 Mappings for Asset Owners and Product Suppliers helps companies select the appropriate security levels commensurate with the expected level of risk “.

You can download IoT SMM: 62443 Mapping for Asset Owners and Product Vendors from IIC And IT’S A Web sites. You will find a complete list of contributing authors in the document. Work is underway to add the service provider role to the document in a future review.

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