RTI Surgical is increasing its presence in Progress Park as the biotech industry continues to develop in Alachua

RTI Surgical is increasing its presence in Progress Park as the biotech industry continues to develop in Alachua

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ALACHUA, Florida (WCJB) – The biotech industry is expanding in Alachua and companies are moving to north central Florida from across the country. Alachua City Mayor Gib Coerper said the growth of the life sciences sector is ongoing throughout the city.

“We are recognized around the world here with it,” Coerper said.

The latest project that keeps the trend is a $ 15 million investment from RTI Surgical, a company that creates implants from human tissue.

“Here we have world-class companies doing operations around the world and it doesn’t get any better. It’s growing right now, ”Coerper said.

They run one of their own processes known as TutoPlast, which sterilizes specific types of tissue, but will soon move their operations from rented space to their own.

“The reason we are developing this facility now is because we want to increase efficiency in our process and we also want to increase our capacity so that we can serve more customers with our surgical implants,” explained Catisha Turner, plant manager at Alachua for surgical RTI.

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Mayor Coerper believes expansions like these are helping Alachua and Progress Park gain national and global attention.

“If we continue as we are, people will notice,” Coerper said. “We will undoubtedly be an important factor in the United States, and we already are. They’ve already noticed what we’re doing here. There are already some companies coming from California, and part of that is they want to get out of some of the confusion of what other states are doing. “

As RTI Surgical continues to solidify its place in the city of Alachua, company leaders believe the progress park will continue to grow.

“The park is exploding with new start-ups breaking up and being bought by larger companies. I think the medical device industry in this area is gaining more and more notoriety, “said Amanda LoGuidice, Vice President of Quality, Regulatory, and Product Science at RTI Surgical.” I think having this building right now will contribute to more. jobs and what everyone is doing here. “

BioFlorida celebrated the rise of life sciences in Alachua with a moderate bus tour and the completion ceremony of the AGTC manufacturing facility.

“I absolutely think it is becoming a life science center. If you look at it, you have companies that are joining Alachua as well as existing companies in Alachua that are expanding their reach, “explained Nancy Bryan, President and CEO of BioFlorida.

RTI’s new sterilization facility will be over 5,000 square feet and will open in the next 18-24 months.

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