Online Pharmacy That Said It Would Add 200-300 Jobs Lays 62 Davenport Workers |  Business and economy

Online Pharmacy That Said It Would Add 200-300 Jobs Lays 62 Davenport Workers | Business and economy

Just over a year after the announcement of expansion plans in downtown Davenport, an online pharmacy cut more than a quarter of its workforce in Quad-Cities.

The divvyDOSE pharmaceutical packaging and distribution service fired 62 workers from its Davenport location.

Celeste Pons, divvyDOSE pharmacist technician, fills a vitamin recipe by hand.


An Optum Rx rep confirmed that 41 full-time and 21 part-time employees were laid off earlier this week from divvyDOSE, which occupied two floors of Mississippi Plaza in downtown Davenport.

The layoffs come about 15 months after divvyDOSE announced it would extend to the Davenport offices. At the time, divvyDOSE employed approximately 230 people in the Quad-Cities, and the company said it wanted to add “200 to 300” more jobs in the area.

An Optum Rx spokesperson said divvyDOSE would have a “small footprint” at the Davenport location, while packaging and distribution services would remain at the company’s facility off John Deere Road in Moline.


A “for rent” sign on the Mississippi Plaza building on the corner of 2nd Street and Harrison Street in downtown Davenport. DivvyDOSE, an online pharmaceutical company, announced it has fired 62 employees from its Davenport operations. A spokesperson said divvyDOSE will maintain a “smaller footprint” in its offices at Mississippi Plaza in Davenport.

Optum Rx, which operates under the ownership of Optum, explained the move on Friday in a statement.

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“With the aim of improving the pharmacy experience for consumers who take multiple drugs, we are aligning divvyDOSE’s customized multi-dose packaging solutions more closely with Optum Rx’s pharmacy services,” the statement said. “As we continue to evolve our differentiated pharmaceutical care model to meet the core needs of customers, members and consumers, our integrated approach and distinctive platform will enable us to deliver simple, effective, affordable pharmaceutical care.”


Celeste Pons, pharmacy technician at Divvy Dose, hand fills a prescription for vitamins. The new pharmacy organizes pills for patients in pre-selected packs and delivers them to patients at no additional cost.


Optum Rx said it was helping laid-off workers with job placement and would be relocating some employees to other parts of the company.

Optum, Optum Rx and divvyDOSE are all owned by the UnitedHealth group. UnitedHealth, the country’s largest health insurer, acquired divvyDOSE in the fall of 2020 for $ 300 million.

An Amazon-owned PillPack competitor, the company helps patients, especially those with multiple chronic conditions, manage their medications in clean, easy-to-use packages that indicate what day and time to take them. The company arranges the pills for patients in pre-sorted packs and delivers them by post at no additional cost.


Dr. Arvind Movva is the founder and CEO of DivvyDOSE. The new Rock Island Pharmacy organizes pills for patients in pre-ordered packs and delivers them by mail at no additional cost.


The original divvyDOSE was launched by physician Arvind Movva in 2015. Then based in a Rock Island pharmacy, divvyDOSE delivered the ordered drugs in individual packs clearly marked with the date and time the patient was to take the medicine. or medicines.

In a February 2021 press release, the Quad Cities Chamber said it partnered with the city of Davenport and partnered with divvyDOSE’s site selector to secure offices in Davenport’s Mississippi Plaza.

House and City of Davenport officials announced the news of divvyDOSE’s planned expansion to Davenport as a big success story that bolstered a more vibrant center.

Davenport city officials said the planned expansion provided “a big shot” in filling empty downtown offices in a building that has seen large employers leave in recent years, including Lee Enterprises. The company, which owns the Quad-City Times, moved from its downtown corporate offices to the Mississippi Plaza building in a location on East 53rd Street in 2019.

“We understand that every company must make the best decisions for their business and firing employees is never easy,” the Quad Cities Chamber said Friday in a statement on the divvyDOSE layoffs. “We appreciate the continued presence of the company in our region despite the reduction. The role of the Quad Cities Camera is to provide links and resources to all companies in the region. We are unable to provide further information on this specific employer.” .


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