LinearB secures $ 50 million in funding, increasing engineering efficiency by allowing developers to spend more time coding

LinearB secures $ 50 million in funding, increasing engineering efficiency by allowing developers to spend more time coding

Round led by Tribe Capital with 83North, Battery Ventures and Salesforce Ventures;

The company invests in expanding the global team to automate and streamline developer workflow.

Los Angeles, USA and Tel Aviv, ISRAEL, May 2, 2022 – LinearB, the engineering efficiency platform, today announced a $ 50 million Series B loan led by Tribe Capital. Joining Tribe Capital in the round are new investor Salesforce Ventures and existing investors Battery Ventures and 83North. Tribe Capital partner Sri Pangulur will join the board of LinearB. This round brings total funding for LinearB to $ 71 million.

More than 5,000 software development organizations use LinearB as a source for technical analysis and developer workflow optimization. The engineering efficiency platform correlates data from existing project management, Git, implementation and incident management tools to provide the workflow metrics used to optimize the development process. Recognizing that metrics alone will not improve development team performance, LinearB helps design teams identify automation opportunities that deliver significant and lasting improvement.

LinearB adoption has grown dramatically over the past year, from 1,500 development teams to over 5,000, including many leading companies such as Bumble, BigID, Cloudinary, Unbabel, and Drata. Part of LinearB’s explosive growth in 2021 was fueled by its free tool, which delivers pipeline metrics to development teams in under five minutes.

“LinearB is already being used by over 100,000 developers worldwide to deliver significant and ongoing improvements,” said Sri Pangular, Tribe Capital partner and new LinearB board member. “The LinearB approach not only provides comprehensive visibility into the development pipeline for engineering leadership, it also enables organizations to achieve and sustain efficiency improvements.”

“Streamlining data directly to software development teams is the only sustainable way to improve engineering efficiency,” said Alex Kayyal of Salesforce Ventures. “LinearB’s developer automation gives each development team the ability to improve on their own, without the involvement of the manager. We are excited to partner with LinearB as they scale their workflow automation solution. “

LinearB will use Series B funding to scale its engineering team and accelerate the development of its platform. LinearB will also invest in the success of its customers, sales and marketing teams to amplify its development philosophy for workflow optimization in new markets around the world.

“This funding round expands our pool of investors who recognize the vast potential of our developer-first approach to engineering efficiency,” said Ori Keren, CEO and co-founder of LinearB. “If you are excited about cutting-edge developer technology, please join us. We are looking for talented people around the world, software engineers and successful customer, sales and marketing experts who want to create a platform that defines categories. “

LinearB user Shuki Levy, a team leader at, said, “LinearB automates my workflows without coding, so I have more time to do what I love, create new features. WorkerB has also accelerated collaboration. among developers to merge our code faster. It’s one of my favorite tools. “

GigaOM VP of Research Jon Collins said, “We believe LinearB’s development and automation-oriented workflow improvement approach offers an effective way to improve value stream metrics. As this market continues to mature from engineering efficiency to business effectiveness, we are excited to see how ML-based developer workflow optimization improves how software development teams deliver value to their organizations. “

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Recent LinearB metrics and milestones

Design organizations using LinearB to automate development workflows see an average 64% increase in deployment speed over 120 days. This level of continuous improvement has led to an increase in sales of more than 5 times compared to 2021.

“We’re not just building a tool that helps development teams, we’re creating a community of engineering leaders who want to improve the way software development happens,” said Dan Lines, LinearB co-founder and COO, and guest Podcast stopped by the developer.

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About LinearB
Don’t stop at “data-driven insights”. LinearB is an engineering efficiency tool that correlates data across your tools to identify bottlenecks and automate developer workflow optimization. This developer-centric approach to automating technical improvement uses data as the foundation for building autonomous, self-improving development teams. Engineering organizations use LinearB to reduce cycle time, improve planning accuracy, and ensure on-time delivery of value.

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