House Rx secures $ 30 million in funding to improve the specialty pharmacy experience for patients and their care teams

House Rx secures $ 30 million in funding to improve the specialty pharmacy experience for patients and their care teams

“We have a simple idea: partner with specialist clinics across the country to enable medically integrated delivery where the doctor, pharmacist, nurses and technicians can work together as one team, under the same. proverbial ceiling, to improve patient care, “he said Ogi Kavazovic, CEO and co-founder. “Our vision for the future of specialty pharmacy is a more local, more collaborative, and ultimately more cost-effective system that leads to much better outcomes for patients.”

Specialty medications, which include treatments for cancers, rheumatic diseases, and other chronic and acute conditions, are some of the most expensive medications available. Unlike infused therapies that are administered in clinics, the burden of accessing and adhering to specialty medications often falls on patients, who typically have to battle several large bureaucracies to gain access to their medications. These often lead to delays of several weeks in treatment and much lower adherence rates than drugs given in clinics.

Currently, specialty medications are primarily delivered by mail from the patient’s insurance company, not his doctor or a patient’s chosen pharmacy. A growing body of research shows that when patients get timely access to cancer treatments directly from their care team, they experience better outcomes, including better quality of life and increased survival.

House Rx currently has over 30 employees, who are mostly software engineers and pharmaceutical operations. In addition to Bessemer Venture Partners, First Round Capital, and participated in Series A funding. First Round Capital led the seed round as an initial investor alongside Khosla Ventures, Maverick Ventures and Funding for this latest round will go to ongoing investments in the House Rx technology platform and downsizing of pharmaceutical operations.

“The specialty pharmacy market is in dire need of a new approach: the current system is sorely lacking in patient choice and innovation and we believe House Rx’s vision for a more modern and decentralized approach will have an incredible impact.” he has declared Steve Kraus, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partner. “Bessemer is proud to support a company with a mission to make it easier and more convenient for patients to get the treatment they need.”

In addition to Kavazovic, the health technology start-up was co-founded by Tesh Khullar, who serves as the president of the company. Kavazovic and Khullar are former executives of Flatiron Health, where they gained experience working closely with hundreds of cancer clinics. The company’s Chief Pharmacy & Operating Officer is Denali Cahoon, PharmD, a former executive at Trellis Rx.

“Outdated pharmaceutical systems developed decades ago inhibit coordinated patient care and increase costs. The current system also prevents patients from choosing where they can get physician-prescribed life-support therapies,” he said. Tesh Khullar, President and co-founder. “We started House Rx to make medically integrated delivery model the new normal in specialty pharmacies. With the right technology and the right distribution partners, we can re-establish the partnership between doctors and pharmacists that brings a new level of transparency and patient care.”

House Rx’s technology platform helps prescribers and pharmacists collaborate more effectively through a single integrated system. Built on in-depth feedback from pharmacists and physicians, the platform is designed specifically for handling specialty medications and includes built-in analytics to enable continuous improvement of operational efficiency and quality of care.

Specialist medical practices that have already partnered with House Rx include Care Oncology Center, California; Oncology of sarcoma, California; Northwest Washington Arthritis; and Northwestern medical specialties, Washington.

About House Rx:
House Rx is a technology-enabled service company focused on making specialty medications more accessible and affordable. We do this by helping clinics dispense specialty medications to their patients in a medically integrated way, using pharmacist expertise and modern technology. By helping doctors and pharmacists collaborate in patient care, we can improve patient outcomes, reduce costs of care and create a better experience for patients and their caregivers.



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