Baker Perkins: Recruiting 50 Engineering Jobs

Baker Perkins: Recruiting 50 Engineering Jobs

Baker Perkins, the company whose machines are used to make many major food brands, is recruiting engineers in Peterborough

The company that helps supply some of the best-known food brands to household tables around the world is adding up to 50 full-time permanent roles to its workforce.

Baker Perkins is the engineering company that manufactures bespoke food manufacturing machinery for factories around the world, helping produce products like Warburton’s bread and Jakeman’s throat lozenges.

Business is booming and to meet demand, the 310-strong workforce is being increased to between 350 and 360.

Save the date: Planned recruiting day with Peterborough Engineering Company expansion

And with over 100 years of industry experience, he has built an extremely loyal workforce, mostly with long-time staff who enjoy the full package on offer, the ability to earn overtime or work flexible hours in certain roles, and to be part of an important Peterborough success story for decades to come.

In view of the open day on Saturday 21 May, from 13:00 to 16:00, the company has answered some frequently asked questions.

What roles are available?

They are recruiting in most departments, including mechanical, electrical and software employees and engineers. Whether you are a seasoned professional, a recent graduate or a passionate apprentice, there may be a role for you.

International Women’s Day at Barker Perkins: Join the team of one of the oldest and best-known manufacturing companies in the region.

All roles offer flexibility: Many office jobs include working from home while for shop floor staff the company offers the opportunity to earn overtime and finish early on Fridays. All staff members enjoy a generous vacation package, which includes a guaranteed break between Christmas and New Year, and a pension scheme.

Where can I find out more?

The company has operated from Peterborough for the past 100 years and from Manor Drive headquarters for over 30 years. This is where the open day will take place, during which potential candidates will be able to visit the factory and the innovation center, learn about ambitious future plans, meet the team and present their CV to HR in person.

What are the times and when can I start?

Most of the roles currently hired are full-time permanent positions, although if a candidate wants more flexible hours, the recruiting team is happy to work with them. Successful candidates available for immediate start may be on the team within the week, while happily waiting for others with the right skills who need to give longer notice periods to their current employer – Baker Perkins wants the right people in the right roles , so it will work with you.

The company was acquired by the Schenck Process Group during the lockdown, which has ambitious plans for the future, and the workforce under this household name in food manufacturing is likely to grow again in the future.

There is no need to reserve an open day seat, just show up. More information can be found here.

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