Advantech and Hivecell partnership accelerates Edge-as-a-Service solution for scalable AIoT

Advantech and Hivecell partnership accelerates Edge-as-a-Service solution for scalable AIoT

Advantech (TWSE: 2395.TW), a leading provider of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and automation technology, has announced a new partnership with Hivecell, an industry innovator in “edge as a service” technology solutions for Artificial Intelligence of things continues (AIoT). The combination of Advantech’s robust hardware and Hivecell’s edge-as-a-service (EaaS) platform means easy access and deployment of end-to-end data solutions for customers. It has never been easier to connect legacy systems to IoT devices for scalable data collection and management.

AIoT and edge intelligence are a major driver of growth in evolving industries seeking to digitize operations and implement data-driven decision making. According to Gartner, the market value of the edge computing market is expected to reach $ 450 billion by 2025. These emerging technologies, however, also mean huge amounts of data generated, which can be an obstacle to efficient operations if end users are dependent on the cloud- compute only. While the cloud has value as storage, it cannot enable the daily operational and security improvements that EaaS makes possible for critical, real-time decision making.

“Industry demands for artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities with real-time insights and localized actions are driving increasing demands for edge intelligence,” said Jerry O’Gorman, VP of Advantech’s Industrial IoT division. “The continued growth of connected intelligent devices and machines is driving the need to build cloud native architectures at the edge, addressing the growing demands for compute, throughput and privacy closer to the source. We think of this as Hyper-Converged Edge (HCE). Our strategic partnership with Hivecell adds to Advantech’s global goal of building an ecosystem of partners to accelerate the implementation, implementation and overall time-to-market of AIoT applications at the edge ”.

Edge Intelligence and EaaS solutions offer users device control, edge monitoring, and software management to facilitate successful, scalable digitization. With a simplified path to application deployment, visualization, machine learning operations (MLOP), and remote management for data-driven decision making, customers can rapidly deploy new applications. The speed of implementation and implementation maximizes the benefits in optimizing operations and transforming the business.

The ability to extract actionable insights from data in real time can deliver benefits across the board and Hivecell’s EaaS solution combined with Advantech hardware makes this a reality. Hivecell’s end-to-end EaaS connects legacy systems to gateways, edge computers, 5G routers and other IoT devices for scalable data management. By collecting and processing data at the edge, the entire data flow improves as useless data is efficiently eliminated on-site. Only relevant data is sent to the head office and / or to the cloud. The result is implementation and management with on-premise computing power for hundreds or even thousands of locations.

“Hivecell provides the industry’s first edge-as-a-service platform that enables cloud-like computing power distributed on premises,” said Jeffrey Ricker, CEO of Hivecell. “By joining forces, Advantech and Hivecell jointly provide customers with a complete edge solution at the data source, from sensors and cameras to gateways and routers, from edge servers to data center and cloud. It’s a one-stop shop and a holistic solution, all manageable from a single pane of glass. ”

The benefits of using EaaS solutions include the following:

  • No hardware to buy or maintain
  • Technology agnostic
  • Flexible platform
  • Minimal installation
  • Quick deployment
  • Powered by patented technology
  • Future proof against obsolescence
  • No specialized training is required

IoT gateways play a key role in Hivecell EaaS data management as they act as a bridge between devices and the network, converting physical information into digital data for transmission from the edge. Raw data flows through a gateway at the edge where it is processed by machine learning and other analytics. Ultimately, only the data relevant to the business is sent to the cloud.

Several Advantech industrial devices are ideal options to combine with Hivecell EaaS, including the following:

  • ONE-238: Compact IoT Edge computer with Intel® Core ™ i processor
  • ONE-148: High Performance DIN Rail Control Computer with 11th Generation Intel® Tiger Lake Core i7 / i5 / i3 CPU
  • SKY-640V2: Intel® Xeon® Scalable 4U Rackmount GPU Server
  • MIC-770 V2: Compact fanless system with socket for 10th Generation Intel® Xeon® / Core ™ i CPUs

The partnership between Advantech and Hivecell aims to simplify common customer challenges in digital transformation by making IoT data more reachable, scalable and manageable. Working together, EaaS

and hardware solutions help easily connect intelligent equipment, organize collected data so that only relevant information is sent to the cloud, and free machine learning. In addition, customers regularly face the challenges of the skilled workforce. Hiring and retaining skilled personnel in key technologies, such as Kubernetes (K8s), Apache Kafka, and DevOps, continues to be challenging. Using Hivecell, customers are implementing a strength multiplier for existing employee talents.

The proliferation of edge AI will continue to accelerate the implementation of AIoT solutions in various industries around the world. Advantech will continue its mission to enable a smart planet by creating more innovative and secure smart solutions that leverage seamlessly integrated software and hardware. With strategic partners like Hivecell, the risks associated with enterprise deployments are reduced as customers can move from a producer to a consumer mindset – more attention is given to developing targeted applications rather than building infrastructure and hiring. new workforce.

For more information on Advantech’s robust IoT hardware solutions, contact your Advantech representative or visit For more information on Hivecell’s EaaS solution, contact your Hivecell representative or visit

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